15 months old!

 Ellie turned 15 months old last week!
The stats:
weight- 18 lbs, 14 oz (3%)
height - 28 inches (2%)
itty bitty girl but healthy!
 Ellie has really learned how to communicate this month.  She has added "mama" to her vocabulary but usually just says that when she is whining.
She definitely adores her Dada - he gets squeals of "Dada" in a high pitched, loud voice when he walks in the door.
She hasn't really added any new words this month but...
she screams at the top of her lungs when she has a strong opinion about something
She can nod "yes" or "no" to questions and this has been hugely helpful in communicating!  She definitely understands a lot based on the way she is able to answer my questions with her nods.
She is also starting to sign "thank you"

She loves baths even more and gets upset if Will gets one without her.
She loves to play baby dolls but is also very happy playing with brother's superheroes or animals
She has started making "vroom" noises while driving her brother's cars
Oddly enough, she feeds her baby a bottle even though she hasn't taken a bottle in 12 months.
She loves to read books and has started "reading" on her own.

Her hair is long enough for pigtails!
 She remains a great eater.
She still nurses 3-4 times a day.  I could write a whole post on why I love nursing this girl.  Suffice it to say - we have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.  We're both very content to keep on nursing for awhile.
She will eat anything I give her.  She is slow and steady and a fantastic eater.  I don't think our battles with Ellie will be over food.  (More likely, it will be over the loud screaming/squealing.)
This month, she added the following foods to her diet
(& likes them!)
ceviche (Mexican sushi) - I know.  Gross.  But her Cookie loves it and let her try his.
steamed fresh spinach - she loves spinach!
roasted caulifower
roasted brussel sprouts (one of Will's fav dishes)
hummus - I make my own - very simple.  Recently, I added artichokes to it - Ellie loved it!
pomegranate.  I buy these fresh, crack them open, & scoop out the seeds.  They are a beautiful bright red and look like popcorn kernels.  She loves them.  It's like baby candy to her - such a strong, sweet taste.
And a superfruit - so very good!  I add it to all kinds of things while they are in season.
See?  So very pretty, isn't it?
She is really good with a spoon.
She loves to play with her zoo animals and her baby.
She still naps twice a day and takes a good long afternoon nap.  
She is finally consistently sleeping through the night!!!  
She has 12 teeth!  All four molars are in (although the last one is only half way in!)
 Rocking her baby - a mama in training.

She has a love/hate relationship with Ruby, our dog.
She loves her when she is playing with her.  
She screams at her if Ruby so much as looks at her while she is eating a snack.  
Yet, if she is in her high chair, she occasionally drops Ruby a bite.
And if Ruby barks, Ellie loses it - terrified.
But, as you can tell below, she isn't really afraid of a dog four times her size.
(This is why golden retrievers are such good family dogs.)

And the best thing this month?!?!

Wild rolling (video coming soon!)
& she SCOOTS!!!
(also video coming soon!)

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