Thanksgiving Weekend

We had such a great Thanksgiving - lots of yummy food (so much food!) & quality time with family from all over!

Ellie loves to be tickled by her Daddy
And she especially loves when he (gently) plays clock with her
Little Daredevil

My handsome little turkey perched on his new fishing stool (with his name on it!) from Aunt GAC & Uncle GUS
Ellie has become very "helpful" while I tape her.
She likes to pick up spare pieces of tape & place them on her legs.  What a  good helper I have.
(Although it kind of makes my job a little more complicated)
One of my very favorite Thanksgiving traditions -
every year, we sit as a little family and write down our blessings in our family blessings book.
This year, Will was old enough to really participate and contributed some things he is thankful for.  I love looking back at the years and what stood out for us to be thankful for.  I love that this helps set the tone for us for the holiday. I really want to focus on being grateful and worshipping the Giver of all our blessings.
Will & Ellie got lots and lots of love before the big feast

our little fam

R, me, Will, Ellie, Lovie, & Cookie
Cousin Cassidy & Ellie
"Lightning" had great fun playing chase with the soldiers - my cousin Nick & his friend, Luke, here on leave from their base
(we are thankful for their service to our country)

Ellie playing checkers with Great Great Uncle Jimmy
We had family in town from LA, MO, IN, and Dallas/Russia (he wins for coming in the farthest.)
I love a crowded kitchen at a holiday dinner.  So fun!
Cute Will - showing off his very loose front tooth!!!
After the prayer, Will (aka "Lightning") sang some Indian songs for us
Enjoying a delicious dinner

at the beginning of the meal, we went around the table and shared something we are each thankful for.  I really, really, really loved this.  There's something about saying your thanks out loud - in front of others.  I just loved it.
Ellie & her Great Mimi
after dinner we played a lively game of LCR.
Will & Nick were the final two players...
Will needs to learn more about being a good loser. :)  We're working on that.
By the time we got home, he was happy for "Soldier Nick."
Today, we closed out the holiday weekend with a little painting.
Ellie prefers body painting over paper painting.
She was very methodical about getting the paint off the paper and onto her belly

and so stinking cute all the time
(showing off her tongue trick)
Meanwhile, Daddy came home from a party with some guys with a new tie.
Will wanted to wear it along with his Batman cape.
I think he is being Bruce Wayne dressed up as Batman.
Love his imagination!

2 thoughts:

:)De said...


I just started reading your blog in the last couple of months... came over from Christie's blog. I have enjoyed reading about your beautiful family, but wondered if you mind a question: what is the purpose of the taping under Ellie's splints?


Erika Minich said...

I can tell you had a great time.
Every time we sit down together to eat we always give God thanks for things. I love that you have a book to wright things your thankful for. So creative.I love it when my dad tickles me. So much fun.

Erika Minich.

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