Fam & Friends & Fun in West TX

Recently, the kids & I flew to see family and friends back in West TX.  
Will thought he was big stuff pulling his own little carryon (filled with toys.)

I am so thankful they are each such good little fliers.

We had a great time seeing family and friends...
and napping
and playing outside

Will loves to play animals and insisted on bringing some of his animals from home that Honey had given him to reunite them with her animals.
Honey made up a new fun animal game they played together.
He had fun building with his cousins

We were thrilled to see so many friends.  Hannah G let Princess Ellie wear her crown while we played at their house.
Batman made several appearances.
One cold day, Honey reserved their church's indoor playground for us  & our friends.  It was so fun to get together with so many friends we've missed.

Someone counted - 9 mamas & 25 kids (ages 7 - 3 months!)  FUN!!!
It was awesome to see so many friends in one place!  Will has missed his buddies & I've missed my friends - friends who really know me, who encourage me, who speak truth to me with grace, who have great ideas and suggestions and listening ears, who make me laugh uncontrollably and let me cry when I need to... really good friends.
Will with  his best friend, Hudson
R flew in late one evening for a meeting the next day.  The kids and I did not attend the meeting but we tried to have the table set when everyone got home.  Will was a big help.
Will got to spend lots of playtime with his second cousin, Tyler.
Great-Grandmother came in for a few days too!

Reading stories with Tyler

Sweet cousins
It was so much fun to meet these two new identical cousins!!!  
I think Ellie thought they were wiggly live baby dolls!
Ellie playing with her big cousin, Hayden
When we used to live there, we enjoyed going to a dress up, grownups only Halloween party every year.  Lucky for us, we got to go again this year since we were in town!  Ya'll.  I no longer think of myself as a creative person.  There were some very creative costumes.  I didn't even recognize some of our friends.  There were some that made me scratch my head and ask R to clarify or explain to me.  There were some just WOW costumes...
We went as doctors.  Boring.  But comfortable!  
(R refused to do anything else and we had to be able to fit our costume in suitcases.  We did add some humor to the costume, however.)
Will and Ellie were glad to see us go - they got a night with cousins & grandparents!  
Will watched a Halloween movie with Tyler.
On the way home, Will flew in part of his costume.  
He practiced writing his letters on the plane and learned to spell Boo.

Ellie stayed busy eating puffs out of an Altoid can.
A great trip back to West Texas!  So fun to get to see so many friends and family!!!

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