Final Fall 2011 Soccer Game

 We headed out yesterday morning for our final soccer game of the season.
 I could watch him run forever.  I love this boy.

 Never before has he been so captivated by his audience.  He was constantly waving to us & yelling each of our names from the field so he could give each of us a wave.
"Mommy!"  wave.  "Daddy!"  wave.  "Ellie!"  wave.  "Lovie!"  wave.  "Cookie!"  wave.
and repeat

 Love four year old soccer.
This kid on Will's team wore his Batman pjs under his uniform.  Love it.

 Lots of waving.
 Still waving.  And running.
 More waving.
 Ellie loves to wave too.
This was perfect for her.  She just waved back (when she wasn't cuddling up with her Lovie.)

 And the highlight of the season (for Will?)
His first trophy!!!
 Go MegaTron!

 So proud to call him our son.

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