Invisible Dalmatians (Weekly Willisms)

Some recent Willisms...

Will: Mommy, how old are you?
Me: How old do I look?
Will: 49.
awesome.  I'm merely 31.

Mommy, you don't need that makeup - you're already so pretty.
(My thoughts?  Apparently I need that and more if I'm looking nearly 20 years older.)

When I die can I take my bones with me to Heaven?

Mommy & Daddy, when I grow up, I don't need to go to college.  I already know what I'm going to be-
Batman, a doctor, a cowboy, and a detective.
See, when the bad guys come & hurt people, I'll be  a doctor and work to make the hurt people better.  Then, I'll jump in my Batmobile and drive to the Batcave and put on my costume and be Batman and fight the bad guys.

Brussel sprouts for dinner?  Yahoo!

Me to Will on a particularly whiny Friday morning:  Will, please go to your room until you can choose happy.
Will:  Well.  I'm not going to choose happy until Sunday.

Mommy, do you know why it's raining today?  Because I've prayed and prayed to God for rain so He made rain!

And perhaps one of our all time favorites:
Will's version of the Pledge of Allegiance.  He busted out with this the other day in the car upon a flag sighting.

That's right.  "Invisible Dalmatians for ALL!"
Only in America.
(If he ever runs for office someday, I'm releasing this video to the press and holding him accountable to his campaign promises. :))

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