2012 Miracle Children Announced!!!

Will & Ellie have been chosen as this year's local 2012 Miracle Children representing the Children's Miracle Network!

Thursday, they will ride in the Christmas Parade & light the giant city Christmas tree.  Will is one excited four year old!!!

But first, we had to survive a press conference with a four year old and a one year old.  We made it.  Barely.  But not without running someone's energy out - literally- in between interviews.

We are so thankful for the CMN and all they provide for our family and so many children in our area.  We are especially thankful for Robyn and Dr. Rick & Mrs. Shirley who work hard to make our lives as normal as possible.

Our little miracles are going to have a fun year ahead as the Miracle Children!

From TMF: (click center of video to play & scroll to bottom of blog to turn music playlist to pause)

or if the video isn't working on your screen, click here.

and two more articles:



5 thoughts:

Amy Brocato Pearson said...

I was there and it was so great to see your family! ~ Amy Brocato Pearson, IN Magazine

Mama Bear said...

I watched it online (ABC). SOOOO excited for you all! PRECIOUS! (And, you need to do a post about where you get those smocked dresses for Ellie :-) )

shae said...

Awesome...really awesome! I CANNOT wait to see you and finally catch up. Your babes looked beautiful on the segment and you are Reaganator looked great too.

Jennifer said...

so excited for your family to be chosen!! what an honor! so sad i missed it in person, but hoping to see it on tv!!

Lisa Johnson said...

You are a precious and beautiful family. How blessed you are to be the mommy of those darling children. Couldn't think of a better family to represent this amazing organization.

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