Miracle Children Lighting the Christmas Tree

Oh my goodness. 
We have had a very fun night!

We darted through traffic & around blockades & possibly drove the wrong way on a one way street and finally made it to the parking lot to board our trailer for the Christmas parade.
Will was so excited to see that the Grinch would be walking alongside our trailer carrying a sign with his name on it!
(Later, he had some jealousy because "the kids are calling out the Grinch's name instead of mine!")  

And because Will & Ellie were riding in the parade, we got to hang out with the various other people in the parade, including this guy & his wife!
Will went ahead and filled him in on his list.
Ellie was terrified. 
By the way, Will devised a plan during the evening to set up our own North Pole at home & have me play the role of Mrs. Claus while he plays Santa.  Love his imagination.

The Clauses were riding in an old fashioned firetruck which Will climbed up into.

Ellie & Robin - the local CMN director
petting the minature horses/donkeys reindeer
No, you're not seeing double
At last the parade was on its way!
Ya'll.  My kids are both such performers!
Will loved waving & yelling "ho ho ho" & "Merry Christmas!"
Ellie loved clapping and waving at her audience.

When we got to the square, we jumped out of the trailer and headed to the giant Christmas tree.
They had a little stage set up and our favorite pediatrician ever, Dr. Rick, joined us.
(Thanks, Dr. Rick for coming - even though tonight was your anniversary!)

By this point, Ellie had had it and needed to be down & moving.  We let her scoot a few inches but kept moving her back.  Dr. Rick noted that we were making him nervous.
Look!  A Will shirt in the crowd! :)
After some singing, some dancing, a speech by the mayor, a prayer, & Will & Ellie's Miracle Story being read out loud, it was time to light the tree!
Will flipped the switch & 

What a fun night!
And two tired miracle kiddos!

Will & his buddy Luke
We saw lots of friends and family lining the streets during the parade!  Thanks for coming and supporting our kids.
More on the Children's Miracle Network coming soon.  (It's way more than I ever imagined!)  

Now - it's off to Run the Rock & Rock the Cause with 
Team Where There's a WILL, There's a Way!

(Yes.  We're going to be exhausted (or more so than usual) by Sunday night.)
(And yes.  Will & Ellie are having a very fun week being celebrated for who they are and how they have overcome so many challenges.  They are loving all this attention!)

3 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

What an exciting night for a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Celebrating your two miracles with you! What a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I absolutely love Ellie's cheeser(sp?) face.. It's so cute :) and Will has such a beautiful and brite smile.. Congrats on the Miracle Children and lighting the Christmas Tree :)

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