Pray for Audrie & Hope

This is Ellie & her friend, Audrie, last fall.  They have the same diagnosis and are only about a month apart in age.

3 weeks ago, Audrie was hospitalized with bacterial meningitis.  She was life flighted in the middle of the night to Dallas and has been in ICU for nearly 3 weeks.  I went to visit her recently - such a beautiful little girl with curly hair - and too many wires attached to her precious body helping her breathe and live and recover and fight.

Would you pray for Audrie?  Would you lift up her weary mom - who has a four year old and Audrie's twin sister as well that she is apart from?  Her mom, Hope, who hasn't held her baby girl in weeks now?  Would you pray for wisdom for her doctors as they attempt to wean Audrie off of some of the medical equipment?  Would you pray for her life - that she would make a full recovery and be released to her mama's arms?
My heart literally aches for this family, for this baby girl and her mama.

Thank you - your prayers mean so much.

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The Reeves bunch said...

Oh my goodness, I am praying for that sweet little girl. She is precious! Please keep us updated on her. I pray that her momma will get to hold her sweet girl soon.

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