I love homemade Christmas ornaments!
Will made this baby Jesus in church this weekend - love it!

On Saturday, our city hosted a free "Holiday in the Park."  They had a craft bazaar (which we avoided) jumping houses (avoided those too - those become challenging for us with strangers when Will takes off his prosthetics) & craft tables for kids.
But the big hit?
They had snow machines & both a corral for snowball fights & a sledding hill!

I love cold weather but must admit, it is nice to go sledding when it is 50 degrees outside!
Will flew down the hill & loved it!  He even requested that they spin him.
Though she is a brave little daredevil, we were told Ellie was too young.  
So I let her touch the snow - she wasn't fond of it.
Will flying down the hill.
The kid in R came out - he was pretty happy too to fly down the sledding hill.
They also showed the movie Polar Express in the park on Saturday night.  We decided to not go sit in the cold to watch it & instead my parents had us over for stew and a Christmas movie inside by the fire.
Which worked out nicely because I became sick and was glad to not have to cook or do dishes.
Now, Ellie is sick too. :(
Poor baby.

Last week, we went to Dallas for several appointments.
Ellie's PT in Dallas loaned us this gait trainer which is great because if it works for her, it will save us a lot of money in purchasing one.
She looks unhappy here but that's only because she had been with doctors or therapists for nearly 5 hours & was exhausted.
The appointments went well-
Will was very open with one doctor talking about an experience last week when a child laughed at his hands & hurt his feelings.  I'm glad he trusts his doctors and talks openly with them.
And I'm often amazed at his ability to articulate himself at his age.
His ortho recommended we pursue another specialist for some issues.  Arrrg.
We were waiting to go that route until we had his opinion from the orthopedic standpoint.  I was glad to hear his perspective and will now begin researching and consulting with another specialist to make sure we are doing all we can for Will.
Ellie did good - her hip is reopening which is not good.  I asked the doctor what this means - 
he replied 
"50/50 chance she will need surgery again."
I keep trying not to burst into tears at the thought of another hip surgery & spica cast season.
I keep telling myself not to say "I can never do that again."
Because I might have to.
Praying we don't need to do that.
But also thankful for a cautious doctor who is monitoring her hip closely and who wants the best for our girl.
All in all - 
Friday we did the following at the hospital in Dallas:
x-rays (Ellie)
Lowers orthopedist (Will & Ellie)
prosthetist (Will)
physical therapy stretches & splinting (Ellie)
10am - 3pm.
Ellie ate lunch while being splinted.
Will, Lovie, & I ate in the car.
LONG day
Good kids.
Saturday morning, I attempted to make custom gloves for Will.  It about broke my heart in the snow last year when he didn't want to play or make snow balls with his friend because the snow hurt his hands.  (His gloves wouldn't stay on.)
So I determined that this year I would figure out a glove solution.
I marked his hand inside his gloves & then cut off the excess part.
Then I attempted to sew.
My sewing machine needle isn't strong enough to handle such thick material & batting & my skills are too limited.
I cried to my mom as I feel like this is something I ought to be able to do for my son.  I should be able to make him gloves so he can play in the snow.
She suggested I quit putting the pressure on myself & just take gloves to a pro seamstress with an industrial machine & let her figure out.
Wise mama.
Will sang in church today.
I was sick so I just went to hear the kids sing & then I left.  
He was so cute.
This afternoon, I asked him to sing the songs for me.  He was doing so good telling me "one for the itty bitty baby, two for Paul & Silas, three for the Hebrew children, four for the four who stood at the door, & five for golf ball preachers."
Golf ball preachers?
I couldn't figure out what that was supposed to mean.
So I looked it up.
"Gospel preachers."
From now on, our family will always sing "golf ball preachers." :)

Ellie's Dallas PT at Scottish Rite gave her this several months ago. 
She loves it & it is such good exercise for her independently.

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