Kung Fu Master

When the fall soccer season was over, we decided to let Will try Kung Fu.  He has expressed a lot of interest in karate & even has some made up moves he does for his doctors (or any captive audience really:).)
We tried out a few different places and then found one that is a perfect fit!

Last week, Will graduated to the next level.
He had to take a "test" & did great!
R & I got to watch.  I forgot my real camera so sorry for the blurry photos.
"ready position"

Receiving his certificate.  So proud!

R has also expressed interest in doing a father/son class.  Apparently, taking martial arts has been a life long goal of his.  Who knew?!  
Will is too young now for the father/son class but maybe in a few years.
But, lucky for us, this place does offer a parent/child class once every few weeks as a part of Will's class.
We hired a sitter for Ellie & had a blast learning kung fu.

I don't know what this is called.
I do know that my child can now count in Chinese to 3!

Demonstrating a block.
Teaching his daddy

making Daddy practice the new move

Demonstrating for the class

I must admit... I was not so good.  I can't seem to master the backwards kick!  
Will loves kung fu.  I love that before every class, they bow their heads & say, "I promise to do my best."
I love that he has to say "Yes sir!"  I love that he just beams while he is learning the moves.  And he can't wait to come home & practice them!
This has been a really good activity for Will and for building his self esteem, awareness of his body, & how to use his "own superpowers!"  (The Kung Fu instructor tells the kids they have superpowers they have to learn how to use!)

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Richard said...

oh, he is the man.. Go Go Go Kung Fu Master..:D

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