Cowboy Will& Cowgirl Ellie Hit the Ranch

One week before Ellie was born, our long time family friends, Matt & Janie invited Will to their ranch one evening.  
Cowboy Will (age 2) had a blast!!
I've known the Clapps for most of my life.  I've grown up riding horses and spending nights with friends and our youth group at their ranch and swimming in their spring-fed lake.
Now, they run a Christian youth camp & retreat center on their working ranch.
You may have heard of Janie - or at least have tried her baking.  If not - you need to.  Seriously!
Her cakes were one of Oprah's Favorite Things & they are delicious!
She used to bake wedding cakes & R & I were lucky to be her FINAL wedding cake.  It was delicious and the most beautiful cake.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Will & Matt (Aug 2010)
Lucky Will got to head back out to the Clapp's Ranch!
Yesterday, they extended the invitation again to Will & Ellie.
I was unable to go as I was helping host a prayer shower for a dear friend who is adopting a baby this month with special needs from China.
(So excited for them & thankful for opportunity to walk alongside them in this journey of raising our precious kiddos.  And know what's fun?  Their daughter and I will have shared a room - they live in the house I grew up in!  So fun!!)
Anyway, I digress.

While I was praying with friends over this precious girl soon to come home,

Cowboy Will, Cowgirl Ellie, R, Cookie, & Lovie spent the morning at the Clapp's Ranch!

Where they collected fresh eggs!
(yum - guess what we are having for breakfast in the morning!)
(Here's Will at age 2 collecting the eggs.)
Helping Cowboy Matt gather eggs.
petting the new baby goat
Ellie petting a baby goat (kid?)

Will told me he was trying to dress the baby goat up like a cowboy but that his hat made the goat itchy.

Checking out the hog.
Will informed me this is not a pig but a hog.  Is there really a difference?
Goodness!  That snout is large.
Lovie & Will & Cowboy Matt (August 2010)

Riding the horse ALL BY HIMSELF today!
and helping his baby sister

"Cowboy Matt, do your horses like to eat apples?"
Matt:  Yes, they do.
Will:  "Well, then they can come to my birthday because I do too."

(It might be nice if he ran his guest list by his mother before inviting large animals that would probably eat a lot of my hot dogs... not to mention poop in the yard. :) )
(Of course, if he has his way (of today), it will be a cowboy party.  Considering he changes his mind daily, I'm not printing out invitations yet.
Also, his birthday is at the end of August.)
Regardless, they apparently had a serious conversation about the value of apples to horses.
And other important cowboy matters.

Fearless Ellie - loved the horses!

Has anyone out there tried hippotherapy? 
(That's therapy using horses - not hippos.)
I'm seriously considering it for Ellie - think it might be good for her.)

After naps today, our family was interviewed by a local magazine to be featured in an upcoming issue since the kids are the 2012 Children's Miracle Network Miracle Children.
The entire time, every question the journalist directed at Will, he responded with something along the lines of ranching or horses.
Except for the brief moment when he demonstrated some kung fu moves.  
While wearing a cowboy hat.

Thanks, Clapps!  
They had a great time & hopefully I can join them next time!!

5 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Katie, you have the cutest kids on the planet!
I just love reading about your family. You are truly blessed!

The Reeves bunch said...

I have heard of hippotherapy and have wanted Eli to try it. Let me know if you find any good information on it. Your kiddos are too cute! I love all of the pictures of Cowboy Will!

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few AMC parents whose kids are in hippotherapy. If you check the forum you can find a few families who are doing it. I do know a few families off the top of my head but not sure how you would like to get their names and also not sure if you are on Facebook or not.

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Hey Kristin!

Thanks! I would love their names - I looked on the forum for AMC but didn't see a thread for hippotherapy... maybe i need to look closer!
You can email me if you prefer at baseballsbutterfliesblessings@gmail.com

not on facebook currently.

K. Willeby said...


I have a good friend who does horse therapy in Waco. She would probably be a great person to talk to about it if you want her contact info! :)

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