Love Songs & my Little Loves

This girl loves her Dada!  She will hardly ever say Mama... but Dada...
she is in love - she squeals his name & kicks her legs with excitement when she sees him!
(me?  Oh I just carried her for nine months and birthed her and you know - provide her with life sustaining milk... no big deal.) ;)
I love that she is a Daddy's girl.

And finally...
Will has a buddy to play dress up with!
Remember this?
His pirate birthday party just before Ellie's birth - she went as "Captain's Girl" as Ellie in the Belly...

And of course... how could I forget how he longed to have a future pirate playmate...

so much so that when she was Ellie in the Belly - he used to put a pirate hat on my belly to make her play with him...
and of course, there was this moment - 
the day of her Birth day - when Will (then 2) described how he was going to teach his new baby sister to be a pirate.
Well - he did!
And he is also teaching her to be a firegirl...
I love watching them become buddies.
What an answer to my prayers!

I'm always so proud of Will when he figures out ways to use both hands to hold two items - 
Way to go Will - he figured out how to fight with two swords this week!  (Using a sheath for his left hand.)
I am loving these warm days.  It's hard to believe it is winter!
In the late afternoons, we've had fun playing outside!

Will is performing some acrobatic tricks!

and learning how to roller skate in the garage

I love mornings at the museum with friends!

and this girl's "Mad face" performed on command.  
Cracks us up every time!
and is usually followed by a "happy face!"

I love birthdays spent with friends
(Happy Birthday to R!)
& homemade t-shirts that make us laugh
I love that my mom surprised us with a Birthday lunch for R!
Lucky birthday boy - got to have a birthday dinner in West TX with his side of the fam, a birthday lunch with my side of the fam, & a bday dinner with good friends!

I love the battle scene in my living room-
the nativity characters of Mary & baby Jesus and Joseph along with Lightning McQueen ready to fight the bad guy dragons & knights.

I love him receiving mail this week - a picture from a little girl in his class.
And his excitement!
"Mommy!  Isn't this a great day!?!  Playing at Lovie's, our flowers (paperwhites- my very favorite for the winter- i adore their smell & tall stalks & delicate blooms) are blooming, & a letter from J!"
"Mommy - I love J & you."
Yes, he's a happy boy.

And you know what else I love?

I love their breaths - I just inhale their scent and I have ever since they were first placed in my arm.  Will is well trained to just let me breathe him in.  Although lately, his breath is kinda stinky in the morning - I blame that very loose tooth.  I'm sure there's all kinds of junk trapped in under that looseness.
His has always been rather warm and vinegary.  
Hers?  It's so different - but just as lovely.

I love love love their giggles!  
And I can't figure out how to post it here because it recorded it with the voice recorder on my phone.  
But trust me. 
Makes my day!

I love that Will makes up songs for Ellie.  And if she is fussy, nothing can make her as happy as her big brother singing to her.
And he knows it!
I've recorded these too as we drive around but I can't figure out how to post. :(
The one he sings the most goes like this,

"Oh Ellie, my Ellie.  I love you forever!  
Oh Ellie, my Ellie.  You are mine!
Oh, Ellie, my Ellie.
I love you.  I love you, my sweetheart.
I love you.  I love you, my sweetheart."

Oh how I wish you could hear this high pitched, precious voice singing to his sister at the top of his lungs.
And he has memorized it so I hear it daily.  
Be still, my heart.

And the day he amended the song to add the line, 
"I used to be the favorite kid in the world until you came and now you are the favorite."
I had to stifle the laughter...
(& reminded him he is the favorite boy still!)

I love that they each will cuddle with me and that they love stories.  Ellie reads at least three stories before nap and bed and likes a book in her lap which she "reads" (aka babbles) through while we drive.
Will is getting close to reading and continues to love stories.  

I love Friday afternoons - when I crawl beside Will in his bed, read a story, & give my myself permission to promptly fall asleep for 30 minutes while he naps.

I love these two ...
how blessed I am.

3 thoughts:

Annette said...

Love this. I'm holding R as I read your blog this morning... he saw Ellie's picture and got so excited. I said "is that your friend?" He said "uh-huh" :-) he just kept waving at her. So sweet when they reach the age where they recognize friends when they see them:-)

Janai Rogers said...

Is that David in the pic with R?

Janai Rogers said...

Is that David in the pic with R?

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