We're Back... Almost

If anyone is out there... coming soon to this ole blog I've missed:

  • STAIRS!!  Ellie does them - in her own precious, independent way!
  • READING!  Almost!  Will is getting close to reading.  He has lots of sight words & tonight I listened as I nursed Ellie while he sounded out lots of words and used context clues!  
  • SINGING!  Lots and lots of singing!  Will has been making up all kinds of sweet sibling love songs for his sister.  And I've recorded them.  I'll be playing them back I'm sure when they are 10.  And 13.  And 17.  And maybe at their rehearsal dinners.  
  • NEW YEARS!  Happy New Years!  Apparently it's 2012.  And I've got thoughts.  Lots of rambling, jumbled up thoughts.  I intend to process thru them at some point on this blog.  You're welcome.
  • 2011 Greatest Hits/Highlights.  Yes.  I realize it's now 2012.  I've got some catching up to do.  I like having a highlights post at the end of every year for a reference for myself.  (Or at least I liked it last year.  I intend on making it an annual tradition.  Assuming I get around to doing 2011.)
I used to be a high school teacher.  I wasn't nervous at all to go in daily & speak to teenagers.  Of course, I had a general outline of what I was supposed to teach and it wasn't like I was writing original history...

Tomorrow, I'm speaking publicly for the first time.  And I'm trying not to fall into a heap of anxiety.  It's just that this audience?  They aren't required to be there.  They aren't teenagers.  And what I'm speaking about - "raising sensitive kids" - well it is kind of a personal subject & I am writing it  (with some great insight from several of my friends & various contacts - thank you!!)
And I think all this writing I've been doing for the last week has left me very little time or interest in turning on the computer to blog.  I've been getting out all my extra words into my word document.

I probably shouldn't have committed to speak to several other groups this spring until I got tomorrow out of the way!  Hopefully, I won't fall flat on my face or totally jumble all my words.
And if I do, hopefully they'll give me some much needed grace!

So - back soon.  With lots of catching up to do! For now - I'm off to practice one last time. (Yes.  I've been practicing.  Out loud.  With a watch timing me. Will wants to know who I'm talking to. :))

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Miles said...

Good luck today Katie. I'm sure you will do great!


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