Girl Meets Dog

On our way home from a park today, I saw a cute dog being walked by his owner.
But there was something unique about this dog- he had a wheelchair.
Actually it seemed more like a gait trainer as it was assisting him in walking!

So I did what any other psycho mom of kids with differences would do.

I whipped the car around, got out, gave the 2 second version of my story, & asked if my daughter- who has a gait trainer of her own- could meet this dog.
Both kids love dogs and were thrilled!
His name is Chico & as the lady translated the meaning of his name, Will had fun showing off his "zancos" & translating that for her! ("Zancos" is Spanish for stilts since they make him so tall.)

It made my heart happy to show Ellie and Will Chico- a cute pup who just needs a little extra assistance.

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