A Very Merry Christmas Was Had By All, The Final Part

Christmas Eve Day, we enjoyed the snow and catching up with family.  It was really fun to watch our kids play with cousins at Christmas time & the excitement in the air was awesome!
After church, we headed to Honey & G-Dad's for dinner and gift opening.

Ellie received her first Madame Alexander doll from Honey & G-Dad.  She loves babies!  Will was excited about this gift because the doll has hands & feet like him.  Precious.  His eyes really lit up!  What a thoughtful gift.

Hayden was so helpful to Will opening gifts & Will was super excited to get his first laptop computer!  He can work it all by himself which I was super excited about!  Perfect for airplane trips, car trips, & doctor waiting rooms!!
G-Dad gathered up his grandsons to tell a story.  I must admit that I was right there with my 6 year old nephew who thought that the ending of the story involved the gift of a cow.  It did not.
Instead it was a very thoughtful story and gift for the grandchildren.
Aren't they so cute wrapped up in his arms listening?
After cousins went home, Will took a shower and wore his Christmas pjs and new robe to get ready for Santa.
He was just enchanted this year.
He may have eaten just a bite of one of Santa's cookies.
And then R & I had fun staying up late together assembling a baby buggy & wrapping the final gifts.
This is one of my favorite nights as a parent!
Will knew the family rule - he was not allowed downstairs until he came to our bed first.  
This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions we have.  We gather the kids in our bed and R reads the Christmas story from the Bible.  Will was so cute this year - thankfully he slept til 8am (I know this won't last forever.)  He then came running to our room with his Bible begging Daddy to read the story.
Clearly, he is a spiritual child.
(Or perhaps he is 4 and he knew the fastest way to get down to the gifts was to get Daddy reading!)
I nursed Ellie while Daddy read and it was just a really precious time together.
Finally - allowed downstairs!
(Notice he is clutching a toy he received the night before.)

Ellie (in her beautiful smocked Santa night gown & her new red robe) & G-Dad
G-Dad took us outside to see the fox reindeer tracks in the snow!
"Merry Christmas!  It's cold & may we please open presents now?!!"

A few bites of breakfast first for Ellie
And finally!  Time for stockings!!  Will helped Ellie.

He got a cool kung fu shirt - which he has worn daily.

This is a very happy Viking.  But he is making a "scary Viker fighting face."  
Best $1.88 gift ever.
(It went with the dragons he wanted.)
A sit & spin!

Opening up gifts together

Our extended family came over for lunch.  Ellie was so happy to have two real live babies to play with!
Will was so happy to see his "best friend" Tyler 
And Grandmother came too - my kids got to see 3 of their great grandparents this Christmas!  They are so blessed!

Great Granny & Great Grandmother with their great grandchildren! (ages 4 months - 10 I think.)
The boys played in the snow& Honey played purse & tea party with Ellie

I never remember lipstick.  But it must be a natural girl thing - Ellie's new purse came with lipstick & she knew exactly what to do with it!!  Cracks me up!
The boys were so happy to have their own kid table.  Oh the days of eating at the kid's table!

The day after Christmas, Aunt Melinda came over & brought some of her boys no longer used but previously much loved Geo Tracks to go with Will's new set.  They built a huge Gotham City and Will had a blast playing with his Aunt & setting it all up!  Thanks, Aunt M for sharing!!

We had a lovely Christmas.  There was snow and lots of family and time to briefly see a few old friends and gifts and yummy food and time at the table together and around the fire.  We are blessed.
Hope yours was a very Merry Christmas too!

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