Willisms- The Profound Version

a few recent Willisms (my four year old who is often way beyond his years it seems):

  • "Yuck! Kissing princesses is yuck!  I'll just give kisses to my mommy & my Lovie."   (sounds good to me!)
  • "Mommy & Daddy, sometime when I'm a grown up, if a group of lions is chasing me while I'm driving the car, the police will probably allow me to go over the speed limit because if I go the speed limit the lions will get me and scrape the car.  But that is the only reason I'll be allowed to go over the speed limit and not get a ticket."
  • (Regarding a kid who was mean to him recently) "Well, Mommy, I guess God just made him a bad kid."  (Said so matter of factly.)   To which I responded that God didn't make him bad, he was making bad choices by saying mean things.  And Will replied, "Well, I wish God hadn't made him a mouth because then he wouldn't have such a hard time saying nice things to me."
  • "Mommy, I'm going to date you until you die!"
  • "Mommy, if a kid is mean to me, I'll just give you our code signal so we can leave."  But Will, what if I'm not there, then what do you think you can do?  "I'll make the code signal, then I'll tell the teacher, then she will call you, then you can call Daddy, then Daddy will call God!  And God will send the police to arrest that mean kid and put him in jail!"
  • "Mommy, when you were a kid was Uncle Adam your favorite kid?  Did you love to play with him too?  Because I really love Ellie.  Ellie!  You are my favorite girl kid!  You can have my gigi today!"
  • "Oh no, Mom!  Does God have to break down into a hundred pieces?  Because how else will He fit in my heart?"

2 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

So precious. :)

~Stevie~ said...

Love these!!!! Thanks for sharing. My fav..."Well, I wish God hadn't made him a mouth..." :-)

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