Recently, we had some glorious rainy days!  One of Ellie's therapists has moved to Africa which has freed up our Mondays.  
I am becoming so spoiled by having Mondays off at last!
I love that we have no commitments - we can run errands, have playdates, or just be at home - for an entire day!!!
(Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays are busy for us.)

On a recent rainy Monday, we stayed home and in our pjs for the whole, perfect day.

We set up geotrax (thanks Halls!) and learned that Mommy doesn't have an engineering bone in her body.  Thankfully, Will didn't care.
We also busted out one of his cool new Christmas gifts - Crazy Forts!

And we built this spaceship.
Add a colander for a helmet & instant astronaut!

We read books by the fire, painted a huge canvas to go on our mantle, cuddled, and took great naps listening to the rain.

R always says I could live in Seattle - I don't know but I do love a good steady rainy day (or 2 or 3).

A perfect day!

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