Always Sumpin'

My Bubby had a boat whose name was "Always Sumpin'".

That could describe today.

A brief summary of today:

Took Ellie to 18m well check
(thankful, so very thankful she is here and well and present for a 18m well check)
As soon as we walked into the exam room, she lost it... I guess the blood draws and cath of last week were a little traumatizing.
Learned that it is a good thing she didn't have what dr initially thought as that would have required further testing so yay!)
I nursed her and she calmed. And then she fell asleep. (see pic)
(thankful for ways to soothe her- she does not take a pacifier)
The stats:
(weight- 20.2lbs (3%)
Height- 30" (9%))

Talked to her dr/very good lifetime friend
(so so thankful dr Rick is our official dr now!)
Ellie is doing really well.
No major health concerns!
She is growing and happy.

But he is recommending we pursue speech therapy. And the idea of adding more therapies to our week just really overwhelms me.

When I got home, I took out my nervous energy about extra therapies and my overwhelm about scheduling them on my kitchen.
I made 3 batches of spinach lasagna, 4 batches of enchiladas, & I attempted to copy a dip we had years ago at mamacitas restaurant in Kerrville. (hey Shelby!).
The extra food is freezing to be delivered to friends who need meals.

Around 5, I smelled gas but didn't think anything of it because it was 5- time to get dinner going.

R soon smelled gas across the house which reminded me that I had smelled it.

And then will who has a super nose walked through the house and noted that it smelled like "stink bugs."

We played outside for awhile and then loaded up kids and the dinner I made and went to my parents as it didn't seem safe to be in our house.

We went back to check at bedtime and it still smelled so now we are spending the night out.

We weren't sure if that is what we were supposed to do but google said to. And also we didn't think laying in bed awake wondering if we were about to die would be conducive to a good night's rest.

And I have to get out of town early tomorrow for dr appts for Ellie in Dallas.

The week has hardly begun and I'm rather overwhelmed and tired already.

The good news?
Should there be a shortage of lasagna or enchiladas, I've got plenty.
And also some random green sauce that reminds me of a restaurant I last ate at 6 years ago.

4 thoughts:

Kelly said...

That green sauce sure is yummy. So sad I missed you at MOPS last week. Wish I could come over for chips and dip!

ywilbur said...

so probably did but I just had to check: did you call the gas company? That's what I've always been told to do...but never had too.

BMarie said...

I am SO glad for yours and Ellie's sake that she didn't have to do more testing at her check-up. That's great that everything went well. My daughter had her 18 mo. check-up last week and our babes are about the same size!! I am loving this 18 mo. old stage, SO fun!!

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

ooo - we have dealt with a gas scare before too - no fun! and just gotta know - did you successfully recreate the green sauce??? If so, please share how! You'd think with my luxury of eating the stuff anytime I want, I would be better at figuring it out! fyi - Y'all are welcome to come have some in person anytime! :)

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