Neil Armstrong Visits!

 This week was Famous Americans Day at preschool.
Will dressed up in his new astronaut suit (thanks Honey & G-Dad!) and was Neil Armstrong.

Ellie dressed up for the theme as well.
(Yay for getting more use out of holiday dresses!)
(Look at her eyes - you can tell she is not feeling well...although this was her final day of fever so she was doing much better.)

 Will & his class of Famous Americans
 After their little parade, they did a presentation for the class of some important facts about their character.
 The night before, we pulled out our Childcraft encyclopedia & researched Neil Armstrong.
Will memorized his facts & I thought he was so cute presenting them.
The history teacher in me was so proud!

Meanwhile, Ellie was sick for 5 days!
Bless her precious heart!
This meant lots and lots of cuddling.
And a rough doctor's visit which included blood draws and a cath in an effort to determine what is going on.
We thought we knew what kind of infection she had but test results came back today and it's a mystery infection.
Poor baby.
Thankfully, her fever seems to have finally broken today.

I feel terrible for my babies when they are so sick but I admit that I do love the excuse to not have to do anything, to cancel all therapies (yahoooo!), to stay in pjs all day, to lay on the couch together and read stories and watch Sesame Street, and to cuddle a hot, feverish girl.

 Since we weren't going too many places, we played outside as much as possible to get out of the house.
Will practiced shooting targets while Ellie watched.
 Today she was finally feeling much better and despite the chilly weather, we had fun at a park.
This is her "you can't catch me" face.
Love it.
 There's Will in the background.
I couldn't get him to stand still long enough for a picture.
I love his imagination - he turned the playground into a giant Pirate ship.
 So glad to have my happy girl back!

And very hopeful for a weekend of some rest.  With a sick baby I did not get much sleep this week.
I did get to travel to Central TX to speak at a MOPS group there and loved seeing some old friends and meeting new ones and sharing our story and what God is teaching me about raising sensitive kiddos...
but I must admit I was a bit over caffeinated.
With Ellie being so sick, I delayed my travel plans and decided to leave the morning I was speaking... at 5:45am.  Which wouldn't have been too big a deal (other than the fact that I am NOT a morning person) but I was awake almost the entire night (nerves plus a sick baby)
So - I may have been a bit jittery.
But it was fun and was actually kind of wonderful to get out of the house & hang out with other moms for a little while (Ellie & Will were in good hands - spent the day with their Lovie.  Thanks, Mom!!)

Off to rest at last...

1 thoughts:

Kristin said...

Neil Armstrong looks really cute.

I'm glad your Ellie is better.

Lauren's class is doing a wax museum and for the longest time I thought they were going to make wax figures, um no.

She will be Juliette Gordan Lowe. One of her obssessions is girl scouts so I'm happy to at least drive this one for a purpose.

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