Colorful Bathtime!

Recently, I saw on Brittney's blog this fun activity for teaching colors at bathtime.

I'm not sure Ellie actually learned any colors...
but we definitely had a lot of fun!

 We've had pink nights!

 and a surprise night of multicolored glow in the dark lightsticks!

I don't know how to do Pinterest yet (& haven't found the time to figure it out & worry I would feel guilt about all the amazing activities that I am not doing with my children) but I do love when I see something fun on a friend's blog that looks relatively simple that we can do too!
So, thanks, Brittney, for the fun idea!

To make your colored baths without leaving the house:
order bath fizzies from amazon.com
order glow in the dark light sticks

Have fun at bath time (or you know, more fun than usual!)

2 thoughts:

Heartsong said...

Isabella would love to play with them in the tub! Looks like they are having so much fun!

Madi Grey said...

What a cute idea!

If they liked it, I bet they'd love this stuff:

It's so cool! It's like bathing in jello! LOL And it turns into water again when you're done!

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