While we were at Ellie's physical therapy appointment the other day, Will's foot twisted.

Not his real one.
Thank goodness.

Do other moms carry a set of allen wrenches in their purses for this kind of emergency?
 I dug out my trusty set of Allen wrenches and we worked together, my boy and I.

 And we fixed it... for now.
Sometimes, we have to find the humor in our lives.  And sometimes, when his foot twists and he is wearing pants so it isn't obvious that it is a prosthetic leg, he gets the funniest looks from people who think a little boy is running happily (though with great difficulty suddenly) on a twisted foot and not complaining of pain at all.

2 thoughts:

ywilbur said...

Umm.. I must admit I never once thought about fixing prosthetics. feel kind of silly now. my prosthetists scared me to death and I wouldn't dare attempt to fix for fear. I've considered fiddling with his old one but it seems so taboo. Haha...funny because now it shouldn't really matter it seems but they put this fear in me when got them that I might screw things up. I never even thought to try for fear.

ywilbur said...

showed this to Kharan and he said 'oh, this is my prosthetic'. I said no it's Will's and he insists 'no, it's mine'. Then 'how'd Will get my prosthetic'. and Finally after checking on his old one 'oh, yeah, that's Will's prosthetic'.

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