We don't take much for granted around here.  Or at least we try not to.

Like this?
Looks like a typical little kid drawing, doesn't it?

Well.  That's what makes it so beautiful and special.  Because it is very typical.
But drawn by a child with hand differences.
Will drew our family portrait (sadly, he included both our fish and cat who we have lost this year.  It hasn't really sunk in yet for him I don't think.)
I love it!
And I love his name and age - both written backwards on the left side of the paper.
It's just so beautifully typical.

And this girl?
I've worried some because she just isn't really getting into trouble like her brother did at this age.
And I haven't even baby/child proofed my house yet... because it isn't really necessary.
I'm guessing that a "typical" toddler mostly gets into trouble for getting into things they are not supposed to - because they are mobile & fast.
While Ellie is mobile (she can scoot like no other!), by definition, scooting just isn't all that fast, and so maybe this explains why she isn't getting into much trouble.
Or perhaps it's the stellar parenting?  ;)

Regardless, lately, she has made some more toddler like messes.
And my heart nearly explodes with joy!

I caught her unpacking the kids' suitcase right after I packed it for our recent Dallas get away.
(Her brother used to unpack his suitcase and climb in.  I can't find a picture.)

 And this morning, she found the basket of this year's Christmas cards from friends and family and she pulled them all out and admired everyone.
(If you sent us a card, this should be very affirming to you - in February, your family pics are being admired all over again!)

 It's possible I let her do this for awhile in her pjs as it kept her busy.
And I may or may not have directed her to the general vicinity of the card basket this afternoon so that I could try to exercise for a few brief moments after she woke up early from her nap.

It's just so fun to see her behave like a toddler and make a mess!

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