4.5 - Happy Half Birthday, Will!

Last week, Will had a half birthday!
He is now officially 4.5!

A few days prior to his half birthday, someone asked him if he was about four and a half.  He insisted he was only four.  We take half birthdays seriously around here.

After a hard few days earlier in the week, it was glorious to just spend a day playing with my kids.
We grabbed Lovie and made a quick zoo trip.

Will got to have a cupcake date with his Great-Mimi & Lovie before his nap

Will has been asking for awhile to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  In our family, we refer to their mascot (namesake?) as "Chuck E. Cheese the Rat."  As far as Will knows, it is a restaurant that centers around a rat.  He had only been there once before - for a birthday several years ago.  We decided to give in and make it a very special treat for his half birthday.  

The number of choices was a bit overwhelming.  He pretty much would start a game, play for 5 seconds, and run to another game.  He had no concept of saving his tickets.
R did have some fun playing against Will at some of the games.
I happen to be a big fan of skeeball and may have set a new pr.

 The next day, the fun continued when we allowed Will to take a friend with us to dinner at McDonald's and to see Veggie Tales Live.
It was a fun night and so exciting for Will.  We typically do things as a family or with other families so inviting a friend and having him ride in the car with us was a big, big deal.

Sweet boys.  What a fun half birthday week it was!  Looking forward to the latter half of age 4!!!

Will at age 4.5:

Height: 37"
Weight: 31 lbs

Fav Food: Cookie's Cookies, pizza, asparagus, brussel sprouts, apples, pears, and fish
Will is a great eater.  He doesn't eat much in quantity but he will eat a great variety.
Not a fan of soft textures (except for pudding and ice cream)

He loves movies for special treats and his favorite cartoon is "Kung Fu Panda" (surprise surprise) or "Wild Kratz"

He loves kung fu and swimming and running and hiking.

He loves traveling.

He can play pretend for hours.  He also loves setting up his cars or his superheroes and playing that for hours.

He loves to be outside.

He is a fabulous cuddler.

He sleeps with bunny, gigi, and various animals and toys.

He does not like covers.

He does love a blanket.

He seems to be a leader when it comes to playing with other kids (sometimes is kind of bossy.)  He usually initiates the games they play.  He often creates elaborate scenes with his friends.

He loves plays.

He sings a lot.  

He still naps daily - about 2-2.5 hours!  (I know.  I'm a blessed mama.)

He sleeps at night for 11-11.5 hours.

He is now allowed to come to our room when he wakes up.  Which means sometimes I get a cute little face right in my face.  Love that.

Most mornings, I have to wake him up.  I love his warm little body, and how he snuggles up on me and how concentrated his sleeping breath is - just perfect.

He makes up silly words and silly definitions to go with his words.

He talks constantly and has great questions and observations.

He makes us laugh.  Hard.

He is starting to enjoy coloring.  

He loves to help cook.

He can read very short words and some sight words.  He prides himself on reading "Bob" books.

He does simple math in his head. (not so simple for me.)

He is patient with his sister and very loving.  He recently said she is the "best human on earth."

He has never met a stranger.  Seriously.

He is a great kid and we are so proud of him.  We adore him and are excited for his future!

And the interview with our four and a half year old:
(That part about marrying me? Saving it forever.  And playing it at his rehearsal dinner maybe.  Love.)
(Turn sound to pause on playlist at bottom of blog.)

Interview A:

Interview B:

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