A Kung Fu Family First

Yesterday, Will completed his second session of Kung Fu.
And he earned his very first belt - 
the white belt.

We all gathered to watch the "test" and made a big deal about how he had to "earn" the belt.

For the test, he demonstrated knowledge of the various blocks and kicks and punches.  He had to recite the disciplines and show various positions.

 At the end of the test, to the sounds of many clapping parents and grandparents, each child was presented with something.  Many children received a certificate.
Those who had completed their second, fourth, or sixth session received a belt.
Personally, I like that the children have to earn the belt and that they have to demonstrate both knowledge and a commitment to the sport in order to earn the belt.  I also like that they are not all earning them at the same time - it was a good motivator for Will this session and I think he was especially proud yesterday since most kiddos received a certificate.
Will adores his instructor, Mr. Brandon.
He has learned so much from him.  Besides all of his "techniques" (a funny word coming from a four year old), I love that he now says "yes ma'am and yes sir" as a part of his natural conversation.
I especially love his confidence in his own body's hidden "superpowers."
 He has been so proud of himself.  He wore his belt all day today too and showed it off to anyone who would listen.

His mommy & daddy are super proud too.
The other night, R realized that no one in either of our families (that we know of) has ever earned a kung fu belt before.  R has been pretty darn proud of his son for this athletic achievement and he has made sure Will knows what a big deal this is.  
Will likes having accomplished something that none of the rest of us have.
Goodness, we are proud of this kid.

2 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Wow! That is wonderful! Congratulations Will! You already are SUPER!

ywilbur said...

Way to go Will!

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