BP MS150!

Go R Go!
Last fall, R was invited to be a part of a bike team riding in the BP MS150.
The 150 stands for 150 miles!
(Except it was actually 158 (Houston, TX to Austin, TX)

Last weekend, we left the kids for the first time (thankfully, E took me back today and is happily nursing again.)
and we headed to Houston, TX.

We met the rest of the team (we only knew one guy previously) & R began the race Saturday morning around 6am.

He rode 83 miles the first day - in a strong headwind, averaging 17 mph.

I enjoyed some time along in Houston & headed up to meet him at the next hotel near Bastrop, TX.
This is R after his first day of riding.  He was wiped.

We enjoyed a night at a beautiful hotel and managed to find a little bit of alone time in between the racing and the team activities.

 My drive on Sunday morning was beautiful - wildflowers everywhere!
Sunday morning, the team left the hotel at 4:45am!!! and headed to Bastrop for the second day start at 6am.
He rode the remaining way and averaged around 21-22 mph.  
(Less wind on day 2.)
About a mile from the finish line, the team stopped under a big tree to wait for the remaining team members prior to finishing together.  I met him here at 12:15 and we hung out under that tree until 3:45pm when the final member showed up.  Needless to say, R did great and was in the first group of his team to near the finish.
(After a few hours here, they were hot and exhausted so I suggested I pick up tacos.  It was an enthusiastic yes from almost everyone so I headed in search of a taqueria in Austin, TX.  Within about 5 blocks, we had several to choose from.    I'm not sure tacos have ever been more appreciated.

 Finally, they had the entire team and crossed the finish line!
 Way to Go, R!  We are proud of you!!!

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