I LOVE his imagination!

Possibly Will's very favorite thing to play is "pretend."  He spends hours in character and proceeds to carry on conversations and even adopt vocabulary similar to what his created character might use.

I recently tried to capture as many of his characters as I could.  I forgot to photograph some but here's a small sampling over the course of about 4 days:

Will the cowboy:

 Will the construction worker
 Sir William

 Officer Will
 Captain Will
 Chef Tony
 Sir William (at a local Renaissance Faire.  That was quite an experience.  I'll post soon.)
Love his imagination and how with only a few pieces, he can transform his world into whatever it is he desires to be for that moment.
I could listen to him play pretend for hours (& often do.)

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Gardening with Juanita said...

I really like this keep encouraging him to use his wonderful brain. the kids today with all the computer game and so forth do not really use their brains. You are a wonderful Mother.

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