The week

Sometimes, I just need to refocus and play with my kiddos...
to escape into the little moments I have with these precious loves.

Like watching them sleep - I could do it all day.

Sweet Ellie Girl - love how she sleeps with her baby wrapped up in her arms.  She will be such a good mama someday.

Ellie at therapy this week:

Ellie using her new walker at therapy...
(for some reason, this has been hard for me.  Will perhaps process out my thoughts here on this ole blog soon... if I remember. )
(Isn't she so cute?  This girl will rock her walker!)
(She's still transitioning from her gait trainer which is currently decked out.)  
(I don't know why I am use parentheses.)

 I subbed at Will's preschool this week as a part of teacher appreciation day while the teachers went to get their nails done.  It was so fun to be in his class and watch the way the kids interacted and see how his day goes.
(Secretly, I also wanted to "spy" on him to see how he is doing and if there are any certain skills we need to focus on.)
 It was fun but exhausting.  I was too busy to take pictures until carpool pick up time when I snapped the above shot.  He was tired!
(So was Mommy.)

Ellie at Kung Fu.  KF is 30 minutes long and Ellie and I usually hang out in the waiting room.  Sometimes I cram a quick grocery trip in but we have to run in those cases.
I try to bring different things to keep her occupied.  Flash cards work pretty well and accomplishes some therapy.
This week, I took a paint by water book.  It was great!  No mess and she got to do "art!"  This kept her very busy (& was therapy as well!)
 One night this week, we were very proud of Will for something so we surprised him with the "you are special today" dinner plate and a trip to DQ for ice cream (his choice.)

 On Wednesday, after a few difficult days, I decided I needed a break from routine.  I just needed to get away from our "to dos" and appointments and commitments and play with my kids.  It was glorious.  I wasn't waking anyone up early, rushing anyone out the door or running frantic through the house searching for zancos (prosthetics) or gait trainers or walkers.  
Eventually, we did get out the door for a walk and then and went to play at a friend's house who is on bed rest for her pregnancy.  
Then, we headed to the zoo - a perfect, beautiful day to be there!
(Collette- next time say hi!  Would love to meet you!)
 We picnicked and played (& I can't help myself- stuck in some therapy for Ellie - see her practicing her stand?)

Afterwards, Lovie had a meeting so we headed to her house where we swam (yay for hot days!) and then the kids went down for naps & I took a break from my regular routine of laundry, scheduling doctors, dealing with insurance, filing paperwork, cleaning, dishes, picking up toys, etc and treated myself to reading and a nap by the pool.  Glorious.  
Sometimes, I need to do this.  I just need to take little escapes and play with my kids.  I need to refocus and prioritize them - not their therapies or our goals or what we need to do ... just be with them and enjoy them.
Nothing makes a hard day better than cuddling with my little loves and listening to them laugh.

(Playing together on a walk this week.  I love their giggles.  Excuse the poor filming quality - I was trying to exercise while pushing the huge stroller and holding onto the leash of our 80lb golden retriever...)

2 thoughts:

Mrs. Jenk said...

Did you see this article? Made me think of sweet Will! http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/first-grader-born-without-hands-wins-penmanship-award-180647263--abc-news-topstories.html

Jill said...

That is so funny - I was just about to comment on your blog for the first time to share the EXACT same story that was shared above! I thought Will would think it was pretty cool! I have enjoyed reading your blog since before sweet Ellie was born. Your children are beautiful! I absolutely LOVE Will's imagination!

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