CMN at Outback!

Well.  I can't help myself.  I need to walk the dog, fix Ellie's AFO (again!) & finish packing for HAND CAMP!!!  but here I sit...
I really want to do CMN justice and tell you what they mean to us as a family & what they are doing for families across the USA and why that should matter to you.
But I really don't have the time to do that justice today.  I promise I will do it after May 4.
I just want to share about a fundraising event we attended last week.

Will & Ellie are this year's Children's Miracle Network Miracle Children.
My friend Rachel designed a fun graphic last year that I decided to make shirts out of for CMN events.
WE heart CMN.  (The "w" is blue for Will & the "e" is pink for Ellie.  Love it, Rachel!!)

Outback Steakhouse hosted a private lunch for administrative professionals day.  People brought their admins to the restaurant and Outback donated the food, facility, and servers.  It was at no cost to CMN and all proceeds went to CMN!  So very generous of Outback!
And fun to go out for "cowboy steaks" for our family for lunch!

The kids with Mrs. Robin - our local CMN director.  We adore her & are thankful for her passionate heart to serve children.
 Outback is rather dark so I loved their mole faces when my camera flashed.
 "the Senator" helped Mrs. J. greet guests

 My parents brought their office admin professionals but had to leave early to make a flight...
I was grateful for the hands on help offered by some of our favorite nurses-
like Mrs. Shirley - a nurse in the special needs clinic funded completely by CMN

 The news station came and filmed...
Robin has 4 kids of her own (grown) and her mom skills came in handy in containing a wiggly four year old while the cameras filmed.

 Thank you, Outback!!!

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