Texas Day!

Only in Texas would we have an entire day dedicated to celebrating all things... you guessed it, Texas!
(I guess that would be weird if Nebraska held a "Texas Day."  But I'm assuming most states don't hold big celebrations dedicated to their state?  Or do they?  Someone help me here.  This kind of thinking tires my brain.)

Anyway.  It was Texas Day at preschool this week.  I was actually scheduled to speak at a local MOPS group but when I saw that there was a special event scheduled at Will's preschool, I called the MOPS friend and asked what time she wanted me to speak because I figured I would just go late to Texas Day.  I had NO IDEA that Texas Day was such an EVENT.  No idea.  At all.
She happens to be a mom of a preschooler at the same school and she has been through Texas Day before.  She knew.  And she insisted that I could not miss it and that if I did, her mom (a teacher) would be so angry at her.  So she graciously rescheduled me for the following week.  
I'm so thankful she did.
My parents are out of town and R had an important meeting come up so if I had been speaking, Will wouldn't have had anyone to help him do the fun activities.

And WOW!  It was over the top.  As only a Texas day can be.
I don't know if you've heard or not but in Texas, everything is bigger.
Even preschool Texas Day celebrations!

It began with a cute program and lots of little Texans singing their hearts out.
(Will is in lower left- hat, blue bandana, & leather vest... with his overalls and boots on of course!)

 For the last song, "Long, Tall Texan" a real live "Long Tall Texan" walked out behind the kids.
It was really funny because the kids had no idea he was coming so they kept right on singing and performing...
 until he came around front and they kind of grew silent and amazed.

 Ellie & the Long Tall Texan
(Ellie is on the ground to his right)

 After the program, parents escorted their kids through the activities.
There were things like "manure throw" (Gross!)
 Steer Roping (is that what it is called?)  Poor Will- the newspaper was taking his picture here and I had NO IDEA how to make a lasso - much less how to teach him to rope a cow.  I promise to take lessons before next year's TX day.

 Cow washing...
 Cow milking
(always grateful when he doesn't compare this to how I feed his sister.)
 Cactus horseshoes -
He got it on his first throw!

 Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I called Great Grammy to come help me & take R's spot since I had already paid for his food.  She quickly obliged & I was so grateful for her help with Ellie so I could participate with Will.
They had fun watching the horses.
 Oh yes.  Real live horses for riding!

 Panning for golden rocks...
and then he went to the "gold exchange" and purchased some new cowboys for his collection.  And a pet toy snake that scares me every time I see it.
 Ellie liked these horses
 And she was very busy "cooking" for the ranch hands while we served up our Outback lunch. 
(Outback for lunch two days in a row!  It's a record!  The servers recognized Will from the previous CMN fundraiser. :))
 a little serenading

There were so many activities:  chicks, a barn of monkey bars, covered wagon wagons on the trail, face painting, etc.
It was really impressive and a great way to spend our morning!
Thanks KK for a great first Texas Day!!!

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