Happy May Day!

In keeping with the centuries old tradition and our own little family tradition, we delivered flowers to our neighbors tonight for May Day.
We made paper cones from pretty paper (some floral, some butterflies, & some bugs since a certain four year old loves collecting bugs he sees and gently putting them in his pocket for later and keeping his Mommy on her toes when she does laundry.)
I filled the cones with bright pink roses from our yard and yellow and soft pink ones from the vendor on the street corner on the way to preschool - she sells them for $2.50/dozen!

Then before bedtime, we "snuck" out (with a golden retriever, a double stroller, & a preschooler learning to ride his bike) and delivered them to door knobs.
A quick push of the door bell and we would run as fast as we could.
A few caught us and received a hearty "Happy May Day!" from Will.

I love doing May Day and hope my kids will have good memories of all the years we celebrated this spring day bringing neighbors a smile.

Hope your May Day is perfect!

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Kelli said...

Katie!! It's Kelli, your 5B roommate. I miss you! I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I'm so glad to see that you're doing well. It looks like your hands are full and very blessed! I'd love to catch up some time.

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