He inspires me with his courage.

Courage doesn't mean holding back the tears. Courage is telling mommy and a room full of compassionate pediatric nurses and a child life specialist that you don't want to do something hard & scary at all. But saying it politely.

Courage is doing it anyway. Courage is accepting at age 4 that sometimes you have to things you don't want to do.

Asleep at last in my arms, I sit in the dark and listen to his breathing. I hear a mama in the next room.

She is singing twinkle twinkle little star. And I'm sure she sees courage in her child too.

I don't know her. I can't see her. But sometimes, us mamas who know specialists and nurses by their first names, who know drugs and testing by their acronyms, who google medical journals while our children rest at last, we know courage. We look at big, trusting eyes and we hug sweet little arms, and we close our eyes tight against the pain and we wipe the tears and kiss the faces of courage every day.
Oh yes. He is one courageous little boy.

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