a few recent Willisms (& some Ellieisms):

  • upon seeing a squirrel run into the middle of a busy street:  "Squirrel?  Running into this road for that nut?  Not worth it."
  • upon me describing to him how cool it is that he fit in my arms as a little tiny baby and still fits in them now as a four year old:  "Mommy, someday I won't fit anymore.  Then I'll have to hold you.  But Mommy, I'll probably only see you twice a week and you'll have to give me directions to come see you."
  • "Mommy, what are we learning about in preschool tomorrow?  Can you text Mrs. S. to ask her?" (what a strange world we live in when my four year old knows the word 'text'!)
  • "Mommy. I have a girlfriend."  (Me:  No you don't.  Four year olds don't have girlfriends.  And what exactly do you think a girlfriend is anyway?)  Will:  "Well.  A girl at school said she wanted to be my girlfriend so I said ok.  We play together at centers."  Me:  Well you are friends.  But you don't need a girlfriend when you are four.
  • after leaving the Disney Chimpanzee movie, Will said, "Mommy!  Were those real chimpanzees?!? No way!"  (Did he actually sit there the entire movie and think they were fake?  Cracks me up, that boy.)
  • Today, we briefly ran into the grocery store for a few items.  Will stayed on the sidewalk while I loaded up his sister.  When I shut her door, I looked for him but didn't see him immediately.  Then I looked down.  He was doing pushups on the sidewalk in front of the grocery store!  The manager was cracking up.  His reply, "I've got to exercise Mommy to get stronger."  I wish I had his confidence.  You certainly won't catch me doing pushups in front of my local grocery store.  (Or you know, anywhere else for that matter.)
  • And Ellie has added several new words and phrases to her vocabulary recently:  turtle, cow, goat, horse, what's that?, Where's Will?, over there, uh oh, nein (she apparently speaks German), love you, Mommy, & Daddy

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