Fun in the Sun

More Fun in FL...

reading stories on the airplane

taking naps in the air

Will was a big help - finally big enough to pull a suitcase!
after a day in the sun - lots of reading with Lovie
appetizers on the balcony - 
jicama (Will's favorite new veggie) & a jolly roger 
(Only a southern little sister would wear a monogrammed bubble while waving her big brother's jolly roger flag)
beach walks at sunset
lots and lots of reading

on a cloudy morning, we decided to explore.
We headed to Gulf World (think Sea World but much, much smaller)
Ellie loved the "turtles"
(When asked this week if she was a people or a fish she replied, "turtle!")

tired girl out to lunch
(she still took an afternoon nap later on the beach!)
coloring a pirate ship kept him busy at lunch

my favorite loves

Crab hunting
Will talked a big game this year but was a bit nervous about actually catching the crabs.
Ellie, on the other hand, loved them & had no fear at all about touching them

happily playing in the sand
learning how to body board

Ellie will pretty much eat anything.  She especially loves dips and was a huge fan of smoked fish dip
Will makes this face every time he eats a lemon... yet he loves to eat them!
Chillin in his raft...
somebody got a little too relaxed...
a big wave made him a man overboard
(brought lots of laughter)
kite flying with Lovie and a new friend
Remember how fun it was as a kid on a vacation to go night swimming?
We took the kids night swimming and they too loved it.  
Ellie preferred using a rake to dig.  It wasn't as efficient for filling up her bucket with sand but it kept her busy longer ;)

Will & Ellie with Cookie & Lovie

We snorkeled for little hermit crabs and Ellie stayed busy for a very long time playing with her new little pets and a bucket of water.  
This girl is fearless.
(Reminds me of Will - putting one in his mouth as a baby!!  Thankfully, Ellie just played with them - she did not eat them!)
(We did learn on this trip that she does like to eat crab - the cooked kind.)
Playing with a new friend on the beach
(This kid makes friends every where he goes - I so admire his friendliness!)

Sunset wave playing - a perfect way to end a day

swimming... lots of swimming for my little fish babies.
I'm convinced they have gills they love the water so much.
and finally...
Daddy flew in around midnight on Friday to join us for a long holiday weekend!
We've had the best time showing off new tricks for Daddy, learning new ones with him, swimming and playing and going on dates without the kids!
pics soon...

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