Beach Bums

We're at one of our favorite places on earth...
the beach!

We're spending our days...

playing with sand toys

 swimming in the waves
 begging to go into the "sea" & then giggling NONSTOP the entire time
(& crying when I make her leave the water!)

lots and lots and lots of swimming
diving ALL BY HIMSELF!  to the bottom of the pool & figuring out ways to bring up his toys!
(the mouth is a good idea.)

playing together building sand castles for knights and pirates
(Great-Grammy is the designated "amazing moat builder")

 eating their traditional dill pickle spears served with a view

 eating a picnic lunch on the beach with Great Grammy (who has been coming to this exact spot on the beach since 1962!)

 eating or swimming - all from the comfort of Cookie's arms
 riding the waves with Cookie
(& both boys laughing hysterically)
 making silly "happy" faces
(she is so happy to be here)
 taking late afternoon naps - 
falling asleep on Lovie
 and crashing together on the beach
 (Sweet Sister didn't last as long for her nap as her big brother)

 beach walks
 pushups with Cookie
 this boy loves the ocean

learning to bodyboard...
 doing it the first time with Mommy

and eventually doing it all by himself!
(video coming soon)

and taking matters into her own hands...
desperate to be in the water- Ellie takes off on her own for the water

We're having the best time...
sun to lay in, waves to jump, sand to dig in, oceans to explore and watch stingrays in, jellyfish to avoid (the non stinging kind thankfully), waves to ride, hugging and kissing, lots and lots of book reading (I'm on my 3rd book of the week!!), shells to discover, movies to watch, cuddling, playing "go fish," eating lots of yummy seafood, crab hunting, time of our lives.

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ywilbur said...

Wow. Your family sure does look great at the beach. You make it look like so much fun!!! I'm not really a beach lover as I grew up on a farm and am body conscious and can't swim either. I love camping and am so excited to sign JK up for cub scouts in fall--single mom so kind of scared to camp on own but have lots of backyard fire pits and tenting planned this summer. But you sure make it look great at the beach. Loved Ellie's giggling!

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