How the heck did he go from here...

first day of pre-K, 2011
to here?
last day of pre-K, 2012


Will & his beloved pre-K teacher, Mrs. S.

It's official.  
He completed preschool this week.

And I've been weeping every time I say that "k" word.

(My heart is so not ready.)
(I'm crying all over again.)

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ywilbur said...

I was so scared with Kindergarten too. He had been in same daycare 2 years! Since it was Jewish Community Center a lot of his class was going off to private school together and only Kharan and one other boy ended up without any daycare friends in their school. Things are going O.K. but not great as he hasn't 'clicked' with any of the kids. He just had a play date with a former daycare friend (who's parent kept him in daycare as he would have been a young 5 in Kindergarten). The boy is coming to the same school as Kharan and the two had such a blast I actually thought about holding JK back so he could be with a friend...he is on the cusp academically wise (in the bottom 4 kids in the class out of 10 kids total). But, he is an older kid in that is b-day is right after the school year starts so would turn 7 few weeks after school.

So hard to see them grow up, but exciting too.

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