Custom Walker Purse

 A few months ago, I realized that someday, Ellie is going to master this whole walking with a gait trainer/walker concept independently.  (My prayer is that it is soon!)    And when she does, I want her to be able to carry toys or snacks or sippy cups or her baby doll with her - just like any other toddler.  If she goes to one table and picks up something, I want her to be able to take it with her across the room.  (She won't be able to carry items in her hands as she needs her hands helping to control the walker.)
So I called my friend and former college roommate, Shae.  She is a self-taught seamstress and really talented.  
She also happens to be a physical therapist.
I explained what I wanted and my frustration that everything I found online looks old ladyish.
Why do old ladies use such old ladyish fabrics in their walker purses.  You know some of them must have some wild stories from their youth (or maybe from their current days!)  I'm sure they have great taste and know how to have a good time.  So why can't those companies make them some more fun looking walker bags?!
I found NOTHING that looked perfect for a little girl learning to walk.
Shae immediately agreed to take on my project.
I found fun, colorful fabrics online & shipped them to her.

Soon, I received this!

It's Ellie's walker purse!
 It has adjustable straps so I can easily take it on and off, wash it, and put it on her next walker.
It has two big pockets (big enough to hold her baby doll or books or toys!)
It also has a sippy cup pocket!

And, of course, I had it monogrammed in pink!
Somehow, I am convinced that this cute walker purse makes her walker look less "medical" and more fun.
Perhaps she'll be the envy of all the little girls soon -

everyone is going to want their own walker purse & Ellie will become quite the trendsetter!
 I just love it!!

Thanks, Shae, for loving my girl & for lovingly making this in your spare time you could have been sleeping or cleaning your house or taking care of your family.  I am so thankful for you!

(And Hailey M - if you still read this... notice that polka dot pink duct tape you sent last year?  I had some leftover after spica season and am now using it to pink out the walker!   Thank you!)

4 thoughts:

Claire said...

That's great! Bike baskets are also a good option for a walker as well.

shae said...

Katie b. it was my pleasure---love to you and beautiful Ellie!!

Barb said...

Super cute! As a mom of 2 boys, I'm loving the pink. :)

Unknown said...

I've been trying to find the perfect thing for my Ellie's walker! Right now I have a little canvas bag attached to the back. Bike baskets are tricky because you need to be able to collapse the walker...Maybe I will try making one like yours!

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