We headed to Fort Worth recently to celebrate my grandfather's life with family.
Great-Mimi rode with us.  We insisted she ride up front but she insisted she ride in the backseat between the kids.
We let her win only because she may be more stubborn than us.  (And the kids were begging and it was so cute that they all wanted to sit together.)
We pulled into McD's & pretended we had an extra kid-
R placed an order for 3 happy meals for the back seat.
(Notice Ellie's hand just happens to be in Mimi's fries.)
 Sharing their happy meals & half smiles.
 One happy Great Grandmother & 2 happy kids!
 playing "Ellie Do" together.

 Claire was a huge huge help to us during the burial and service and dinner with our kiddos.
 An empty ballroom down the hall from the family dinner and cousins to play ball with - perfect combo!

 Will adores his "Aunt Claire"
 We really enjoyed seeing so many family members from all over the country.  Will has repeatedly asked if Cookie's Cousin Carla can come to his birthday party.  He insists I get her address.  He loved playing with her.
So fun to see cousins I hadn't seen in awhile.
I learned a lot about my Grandpa and it was a beautiful service honoring his life.
And so so many of my dad's life long friends made the trip from all over the country - what a show of support and friendship.

The next day, we went to see R's Granny and spend some time with her while we were in the area.
Will found this cow skull.  He is convinced it is from a dinosaur.
 The kids love Great-Granny's box of old toys.
 They stay very busy with these Indians & Cowboys figures.
 I've been going to Granny's ranch for over 10 years but have never explored her farm before.  R took all of us out for an adventure exploring the farm.
We had a blast!
 Ellie laughed when we went fast and pointed at the horses.
 Will got to help Daddy drive and was responsible for steering through the gates.
He did a really good job!

 Daddy taught him how to reverse even!

Though this was a hard weekend, burying my grandfather and saying goodbye, it was also a time for reflecting and remembering and laughing and crying together and living life with those we have and appreciate and love so much.

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