Hospice to Heaven

(6/19) Today at Hospice there's a Swiss man sitting outside my Grandpa's room with a guitar singing old hymns.
Though my Grandpa's body is barely hanging on, it seems he is not really here anymore. When the man sang, "peace like a river," Grandpa opened his eyes and stared straight ahead briefly.
We continue to wait. 8 days without water and a blood pressure last night of 80/0.
Yet he keeps on breathing.

Yesterday, Will asked if Cookie will someday be at Hospice.
I tried to reassure him that maybe someday when Cookie is very, very old but he doesn't need to worry about that now.
Will responded, "but, Mommy, I want to get to go to hospice and watch new movies!"

When i shared this with the Hospice director, she suggested that hospice I too much fun for a 4 year old and maybe I should allow more movies at home so it is not such a treat here! :)

Thankful for a four year old to bring humor and life & comedic relief to hard days.

Updated (6/20);
Today my grandpa sits at the thine of Christ. Thank you for your words of comfort this week.

3 thoughts:

R.Lindgren said...

May you continue to find comfort in knowing that your Grandpa is of sound mind again seated at the feet of our Savior.

R.Lindgren said...

May you continue to be comforted in knowing that your Grandpa is seated at the feet of our Savior with a fully restored mind.

~Stevie~ said...

Prayers for you, my friend. Even when we are "expecting" this, nothing really prepares us for this kind of loss. It's heartbreaking. I know you find comfort knowing where he is now. Love you!

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