Camp Just Like Me

Last week, Ellie & I trekked across Texas to attend Camp Just Like Me - a camp for kids with arthrogryposis mulitplex congenita (AMC.)
I was mostly looking forward to it but was a little apprehensive.  

It was a loooong drive but Ellie did awesome.  
She watched a Minnie Mouse movie for part of the way...

and then she proceeded to surprise me with various funny expressions every time I glanced in my rear view mirror.
This girl cracks us up.  All the time.
Our friend C was camp director - Ellie had fun swimming with her!  And I had fun seeing her too!

I realize I see my child nap every single day but it never fails to take my breath away - something about a sleeping baby...
my (almost) 5 year old still naps daily too and I can't get enough of it - so precious 
Claire graciously loaned us her room for Ellie to take her nap in.

We made friends with Amanda & her cute little boy, Eli.
We have met them once before several years ago and emailed several times but it was so FUN to get to know them better and hang out.  We seem to share many of the same perspectives and values in raising our precious kiddos - I'm grateful for the opportunity to get to know them better and look forward to more fun together as our kids grow.
 Though Eli is a "big" boy & walking now - he was great to play chase with Ellie.
(Eli took his first steps a year ago - I remember seeing the video of those steps on their blog & bursting into tears of excitement for their family & hope for ours.)
 Ellie surprised me wanting to get her face painted...
Would someone please tell that little girl in these pictures that she is still my baby & to stop growing up!  She looks too old!!

At Ellie's age, she is only eligible to go to camp for a day so after camp, we headed to my college roommate's house to spend the night & play.
Thanks Shae & Charlie for hosting us!  
So fun to see their home & hang out & catch up & play with her sweet kiddos.  
(& Ellie loved having 2 "rubies' (dogs) around!)

 Ellie & Smith hanging out in their pjs. 

 So about camp.  

It's late and I'm not sure I have the energy to process it all out here although I've been wanting to get out my thoughts and tears of the last few days.

  I have to take both kiddos to Dallas tomorrow - Will is in the process of making new prosthetics and has a test socket appointment tomorrow and Ellie needs to see someone asap as her splints are giving her sores on one foot - maybe a fit issue?    Anyway, I really need to fold laundry, finish some thank you notes, & get busy... perhaps shower off some cholorine?  And going to bed before midnight is a goal.

So I think I'll process later.

But I'll say this.  Camp was, for the most part, very discouraging.  I cried most of the way home and it was a nearly four hour drive.    And yet there has been some sweet affirmations that have come out of the discouragement and I so look forward to sharing those...

But not today.

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ywilbur said...

Wow. You are always so busy! JK is needing new prosthetics (arm and leg again). He has used his arm very little but more than I thought! He just got his leg prosthetic in December but it is a mess and not fitting already!

AND, ick alert! He has a plantar's wart on his 'little foot' (aka stump, he calls it his little foot and his little hand). Definately a wart and not some scary varuccle (sp?) but still ick. Because it is on his prosthetic side foot and they are worried about infection he has to see a dermatologist for removal and will need to wear no prosthetic, 'rest and not walk much?'--that will be hard to enforce unless it is really painful which of course don't want that!

Mike and Christie said...

We were invited to Camp Just Like Me for Erika, but she also qualifies for Camp Out on a Limb so we picked that one instead.
I am curious about your thoughts about Camp Just Like Me. :)

She is so stinking cute!

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