Escape to the Tetons!

R and I had a GREAT quick 2.5 day escape to the mountains of WY & ID & MT for some fly fishing.

We spent our first afternoon exploring Jackson Hole, WY.  I had never been and had so much fun exploring the shops.  Naturally I somehow found myself in a toy store.  
After booking my ticket at the last minute, R heard of a great restaurant in Jackson and somehow managed to get very last minute reservations!  So we changed clothes in a  public bathroom and had a lovely romantic dinner together.

Then we drove a few hours to the middle of nowhere, ID (actually a place called Island Park)
where some of the best fly fishing in the country is.

We fished the Snake River and had a blast.
The weather was perfect.  We laughed a lot.
We enjoyed spending hours just being outside and being together.

 And I must admit that I think fly fishing is a very sexy sport.  I loved watching my R fish - he loves it and it brings him a lot of joy so it was fun for me to watch him.  It's such a technical sport but he makes it look so easy.

 And every time he caught a fish he was so nonchalant about the whole thing.  I squeal and take pictures and get excited when I catch one.  Not R.  He just catches it, releases it, & tosses it back in.

 R caught a lot of trout.  We mostly caught rainbow and brown and cutthroat trout.

 Sometimes, I took a break from fishing and read.  It was glorious.  Glorious.
 I read 1 thick book in less than 48 hrs and then started a new one.  Sun, my husband near by, a fleece for the cool morning, and a great book.  I was a happy girl.

 On my first day, I only caught "exotics."  (Some people call them trash fish or whitefish but I prefer the more flattering term, "exotics.")  I was happy just to catch something!
But on day 2, we fished the Madison River into Montana and I had so much fun catching trout finally!  A few got away but I managed to get 5-6!  They were so fun to catch!
We so needed this time together.  A huge thanks to both sets of our parents for making it happen for us.  Cookie & Lovie babysat Will & Ellie while Honey & G-Dad arranged the guides and cabin.  Thank you!!!
It was a perfect long weekend.

4 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

How fun! So happy for you that you have such wonderful family support!

The Reeves bunch said...

How much fun! You always need some time away with your best friend! So happy for you! We are going there at the beginning of August, but with our kiddos! I am so excited! Can you email me and let me know some fun things that you guys did that might be kid friendly, pandaumhb@hotmail.com...I really enjoy reading your blog!

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

looks wonderful!

shae said...

fun, fun katie---so glad you got to go!! there is nothing better for marriage than these trips--love them!

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