Kids' staycation

While the parents are away...
the kids will PLAY HARD!!!

While we were flyfishing in the Tetons, Will & Ellie had a blast staying with their Cookie & Lovie!

Some of Cookie & Lovie's bff's were babysitting their grandchildren so they had a double grandparent date on the lake with the K's!
Will & Ellie had fun playing with Lily & Paige & I'm pretty sure Cookie & Lovie had fun comparing grandparent stories and bragging with their friends. :)

They spent the night at the lake and Ellie slept in a big girl bed for the first time!
Will got to help Dr. K drive the boat
(Hopefully he kept his eyes forward most of the time.)

They played hard with fun toys at Cookie & Lovie's
Elie helped make dinner
Lovie hired a sitter one day for Ellie & took Will Batman on a Lovie Date to Chuck E. Cheese.
And there seemed to be lots and lots of swimming.
And also Ellie is apparently now styling her mermaid's hair

Great Mimi even came over to play "Colorado" with Will (notice the stool/mountain behind Will as part of the CO scene)
Ellie practiced her therapy skills with Lovie.  They have a new game with a stool that allows Ellie to really work on her standing.  Good job, Lovie!

It was so so good to get back to my kiddos.  My flight was delayed in the air for awhile due to bad weather (although after the drought last year, we're not complaining about a single drop of rain!)  I ended up landing way too late to get on the wet roads safely and so stayed with a girlfriend overnight.  I felt like a kid again as we lay awake way way way too late talking but so fun to catch up!  Thanks, Claire, for letting me spend the night so late and so very last minute!
I got on the road early the next morning and was so glad to get back to my kids.
Since being home less than 48 hours, Will is sick and his virus has caused him to have hallucinations/some sort of night terrors as well as eye pain and bad headaches.  Poor baby.  A trip to the pedi today - he's ok- just have to wait it out.  Meanwhile, Ellie's therapy place called yesterday at 4:50pm and cancelled all of her therapies.  They were shutting down effective immediately which means Ellie is no longer receiving any therapies.  While I'm kind of thrilled about the forced therapy break, I'm really panicking about finding a new place for her, building all these relationships again with new therapists, and starting over with her getting to know them.  And we've worked for so long with her therapists - a part of me is so sad that they won't be there to witness her first steps someday.  I've been crying a lot about this unexpected change.
So it's back to motherhood - extreme parenting.  R comes home in a few days and I'm pretty sure I might need a vacation after a few days with a sick, hallucinating boy and numerous phone calls between insurance, therapists, nurses, etc.  

Thanks Cookie & Lovie!  Will & Ellie had a blast at their staycation.

2 thoughts:

Sarah said...

FYI, I just heard from a pediatrician that when young children complain of eye pain, it usually means they have a headache. Interesting, right?

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

I had not heard that but it makes sense! He has been complaining a lot about his head hurting and his eyes - I've wondered if he is having little migraines even. He sometimes hasn't been able to even really open his eyes because he says it hurts too bad. Poor little guy.

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