Friends and Llamas and Zebras and Camels, Oh my!

Recently, some of our best friends in the entire world came to visit for a whole weekend!
We were so so so excited and talked for days about everything we wanted to do with them.
It's such a huge blessing in life to have a family to be so close with - the husbands are best of friends with a long long history, Jennifer & I have been best of friends for years and have gone though so much together, our kids are each just a few months apart and same genders...
we're separated by some miles but our friendship remains and we are so very thankful.

The girls quickly became quick buddies

(* all really good pics are from Jennifer's camera - she is a real pro photographer.)

They played babies

 Hailey even practiced Ellie's physical therapy with her!

 playing outside
 walking to the swimming pool for an evening swim

 Bathing beauties!

 Unfortunately, within about ten minutes of their arrival, Mason threw up.
Then he threw up again. 
And again and again and again.  
(We lost count.)
Will was devastated.
Will spent quite a bit of time at Mason's bedside in our office where they watched movies together.
(Change of plans - the boys were so excited for their slumber party in Will's room but when M got sick, we moved him to our study to be closer to his mom and dad.)
 Notice the throw up bucket behind Will.
 Sweet buddies.

Saturday morning, the guys headed to play golf and Mason seemed okay...
so Jennifer & loaded up the kids and some music and headed about 45 minutes away to do the safari.
My car GPS didn't recognize the address and pretty soon our phones lost service so we were totally without a map.
We were on teeny tiny TX roads and at one point, missed a turn.
We finally found somewhere to stop, and then Mason puked again!
We were too close to the safari to head home, Mason perked up again, & we continued on the great adventure.

 Silly boys
The kids LOVED the safari.

 I may or may not have screamed loudly when the camel stuck his head in the window.
 The llamas were rather aggressive.

 And also rather smart as they blocked the road in front of me and ignored my honking...
 and chewed on my windshield wipers!!!

 I finally went in reverse to the sound of kids laughing hysterically.

 This zebra creeped me out - he just stared me down!

Ellie did not like the zebra staring at us.

 Hailey, meanwhile, was fearless and happiest when hanging half way out the car!

 Later while the kids took naps, Jennifer & I spent the afternoon talking, reading, and napping at the pool.  A perfect way to spend an afternoon!
The guys and kids joined us for pizza and swimming and we had such a blast.
We stayed up way way too late and laughed so hard I cried.  So good for my soul to be with them again.
Thanks for coming, friends!

2 thoughts:

Michael & Jennifer said...

Had a wonderful time. Don't worry- we'll be back!

Michael & Jennifer said...

Had a wonderful time! Don't worry- we'll be back!

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