Willisms - Edition Salvation Army, Sewage, & Courage Me

 After a weekend full of family and events, I think Will needed some alone time.  As soon as we pulled into our garage, he was out the door and headed straight to his room.  He was quietly playing and singing for a long time while we unloaded the car.
When I checked on him, I was informed,
"This is the Salvation Army."
(He had lined up every small cowboy/Indian/animal figurine and car he could find around the perimeter of his rug.)
"The Salvation Army is fighting for the Children's Miracle Network!"
And then he proceeded to pace around and around the rug singing loudly the Salvation Army National Song (written by Will)
It took all of my willpower not to roll with laughter.
Love this boy and his imagination.
(By the way, he has now been playing this for two days and even asked to not go swimming so he could keep playing!)

Some other Willisms:
"Mommy & Daddy?  Did you know that the bad guys worship the fake gods?  But the one, true God does not like that all.  He will punish them for worshipping the fake gods.  It's not good to worship fake gods."

Yes.  My little boy's bad guys are now practicing idolatry apparently.  I'm glad that he is applying the ten commandments to his play.

While putting on his Zancos (prosthetics) recently, I asked Will what designs he would like on his next pair which we will begin work on soon. (His current pair have batman and superman.)
He replied, "hmmm... What interests me?"
(This would have been enough to crack me up since he is 4.)
But then he continued with eyes wide,
"Sewage! I want sewage on one leg and rats on the other!"
No way!
Although he is correct- he is very interested in sewers and city infrastructure and asks tons of questions about it.  (No idea at all why.)
Still... No sewage for his Zancos!

Tonight while swimming, Will was working on his dive (from the side of the pool.)  He has done it before this summer but for some reason was struggling tonight.
As he stood on the side, he formed his hands into position and trembled as he said, "Mommy, I'm scared.  I need you courage me.  Courage me, Mommy!  Courage me!"
How precious.
How I wish I had his boldness to just ask for courage from others sometimes.  How I would gladly give him what little courage I may have.

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