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So apparently when people travel without their precious little ones, they sleep when they feel like it, they watch a tv series they are curious about and that doesn't involve a single cartoon character, and they read lots and lots of library books. They get caught up on writing thank you notes and their Bible study. They might even bring two magazines along because they've heard adults read magazines. They may also bring along two breast pumps since they leave the baby at home (& 2 because I plan on being in the middle of nowhere on a big river when a feeding time occurs... & I've never pumped on a big river in the middle of nowhere so now I'll add it to my list of "bizarre places around the world I have nursed &/or pumped.") (yes- I'm still nursing Ellie girl and loving it and not stopping anytime soon. It works for us for now.)

When one travels without kids, they don't bring any snacks/sippy cups/blankies/coloring books/toys/board books.

One might even go so far as vacuuming Cheerio crumbs out of the bottom of their purse so they feel like a real grown up and so that their library books don't smell like Cherrios.

One may even bring and WEAR lipstick! At 6:30AM!

Apparently in airports without one's children, one may arrive really, really early without a single fight with one's spouse about hurrying. Loading and unloading the car is easy. Everyone can carry their own bags too. Apparently one may also wander aimlessly through the airport and get coffee and bananas and sparkling water and no candy or "special treats." Apparently without medical devices, security is a breeze- although I feel naked without my cute accessories. Apparently one can go to the bathroom all by oneself whenever one feels like it too. And guess what? Apparently airport bathrooms aren't so small after all! It's just that with two children and three carryons stuffed in a stall with me it's rather cramped. Airplane bathrooms are still small.

I love flying with my kids. They are awesome and very experienced travelers! They are easy to fly with and I enjoy the hours of cuddling and reading in the air.

But I'm kind of really super excited to fly with just my husband today!

Approx 48 hours ago, my mom off-handedly suggested I accompany my husband on his annual fly fishing trip as he had recently learned from his parents that they couldn't come as early as expected so he would have a few days alone. I casually mentioned it to R and he didn't say much about it. Til I woke up from a nap and he had booked a flight for me.
He fishes the Snake River every summer. I'm excited to try fly fishing again (haven't done it since 2006- I caught a lot of "exotics.") and I'm really excited to explore Jackson Hole today and eat at a great restaurant R was able to get last minute reservations too. I'm excited to reconnect with my husband, to watch him do something he loves and to laugh together.

And I'm really excited to read all my books. (Ideally, I hope to catch some trout and then stretch out in the boat with my book and suntan oil.)

And also to fly sans kids.

(although I really miss them already as we often find ourselves laughing about them.)

Probably when (if) you read this, I'll be sleeping. Or reading. Or sleeping with an open book on my lap. Clearly my goals are lofty.

Whoo hoo! Haven't been this spontaneous in over 5 years!!

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ywilbur said...

Haven't flown without kids in ages! I did on way back home from Texas skip the prosthetic pat down of JK by pulling his leg off and putting it through scanner. I kind of missed the pat down drama. People don't realize he has a leg and make quick comments like 'really?!' and roll eyes. I have to say the TSA is usually pretty embarrassed by whole deal and practically beg for private screening but JK likes the whole 'I get a patdown by a real police man' opportunity.

Have a great vacation!

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