Officer/Doctor/Cowboy Will...

Remember this?

After that awesome lemonade stand experience, the local police department invited Will to come take a special tour of the department.
I finally got around to setting it up and he was so excited!

A huge thanks to Officer Long for making Officer Will's day!

When we arrived, Officer Long had special goody bags waiting for Will & Ellie!

 The Chief was gone but we visited with the Assistant Chief.  Officer Will informed him of his plans to someday be chief and asked him how he should go about reaching that goal.
 We had fun with the cameras in the interview room.
 Will loved the gun room and learned all about tasers. (in a child-friendly way)
 One of the SWAT team members had a Darth Vader in his office.
 In the gym, Will practiced his Kung-Fu on this guy.

 We toured the 911 dispatch area.

 Officer Will worked with this detective to help solve a crime by comparing fingerprint samples.
 He had a mug shot taken (better be the only one he ever gets.)
(He takes much better mug shots than those bad guys you see on the most wanted list, don't you think?)

 And pretending to drive this was a blast!

 He explored the armored car
 defended himself against bad guys...
 sat in the back of the police car (again - better be the only time)

and even got to name the little robot used for hostage situations.  
It was awesome!

Thanks to our local police department!!!

Did you know anyone in the public can tour the police dept?
We've stopped by several of our local fire departments to tour and Fireman Will loves climbing in the trucks and meeting real life firemen.  
But I didn't know until recently that the police dept gives kids tours too!  It was a little boy's dream come true (& his mama learned a lot too!)

(Now if I could just figure out how to set up a tour of a water treatment plant.  This kid has so many questions I can't answer regarding water treatment and sewage!)

After a quick lunch and outfit change,
we headed to our local hospital for a board meeting for Children's Miracle Network.

Doctor Will made an appearance but didn't expect so many adults and was a little shy for picture taking... 
 He did announce how much CMN raised though...

A new record!!!
Thanks to all who gave to support our local CMN!

In the hallway of the hospital, nurse Molly let Will give her a quick check-up.

Reason #9,782 I love this age?
The dress up.
I love how he plays pretend all the time.  I love how he completely becomes the character he is pretending to be and I love how pretend becomes his reality for a little while.
It's just so fun to watch him be whatever he wants to be - no limitations, no inhibitions (at all)...
just a police officer, a doctor, & for dinner out with friends later that night - a cowboy.
It's all in a day's play for Will!

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ywilbur said...

Kharan is doing less and less dress up but still loves the Police dress up and play. I don't know who/what of water treatment and sewage plant but my older boy went to it with Cub Scout troop. If you know anyone involved in Scouting maybe they can point you in right direction, it was annual trip for Tay's local scout troop.

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