a few recent Willisms:

Upon being told that after naps, he would be dusting and sweeping and Ellie would be washing lower windows:
"Mommy, Lovie would NEVER make us do that!"

To which I responded with all of the chores Lovie did, in fact, used to make me do.

And he replied, "Mommy!  Don't be like YOUR mommy!!!"

"mommy, why are you putting on lipstick to be pretty? You're supposed to be a pirate!"

Regarding starting kindergarten in a few weeks:
"Mommy, I don't want to go to kindergarten because then I'm not with you all day."
Followed shortly by,
"Mommy, I don't want to go to the class where the teacher says, 'See you tomorrow!' because that means you have to go back the next day."

It took all of my willpower to not call the little school right then and pull him out.  Nauseous, I tell you. I am nauseous just thinking about school.

Thank goodness he has three more weeks at home.

And thank goodness it is only 9:30-1.  No way could I handle all day.  (Neither could he - sweet boy needs his daily 2-3 hr nap!)

And finally, while visiting with a prosthesist today regarding getting creative to see what options Will may have in the future, Will repeatedly asked, "Sir, could you please make me cheetah legs.  I am "Cheetah Pistorious."  Right now it doesn't look like he is a candidate for cheetah legs and frankly, they way they are made I'm not sure he will ever gain enough weight to support them... but the man is willing to call and see if they can custom make them for a little guy who desperately wants lighter legs for running more naturally.  With Will's sweet, polite begging, I suggested maybe he should be the one to make the call!

I'm sure more to come... my brain has forgotten them for the moment.  It's a wild week around here...
3 days of prosthetics appointments, a trip to Dallas, a photoshoot for Captain Will at the hospital in Dallas for their calendar (they needed a pirate so they knew who to call!  Will is so excited to take his swords!), a specialist appointment for both kiddos (hand dr), & a BIRTHDAY!!!

3 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Oh I love Willisms. :)

ywilbur said...

I was told that since JK has one non affected foot and since his prosthetic foot (as he calls it) is such a 'low' amputation that he will never be a canidate for 'dynamic'/cheetah prosthetics (unless stop the growth plate on that leg or do some kind of surgery to allow for more energy efficient prosthetic). My understanding is JK will most likely always have a SACH foot (the least energy efficient). Josh Kennison, if I recall correctly has got something similar to 'Cheetah' prosthetics and I've been wondering if that might work for JK if he wants such a one when older.

Kelli said...

Sweet Katie, I'm so thankful to have found your blog. I love hearing about your precious kids and seeing how richly God is blessing you! I miss you, sweet friend!

Kelli (Your college 5B roomie!)

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