New Zancos!

Last month, Will got new prosthetics!
(We call them "zancos" because they make him taller like stilts.  Also, "zancos" was easier to pronounce as a little guy.  Thanks, Rachel B for naming them!)
This is Will's 5th pair of zancos & 9th pair of prosthetic legs.
We allowed him to choose designs for the zancos.  We went fabric shopping together and picked out an assortment of designs based on some of his favorite things:
Finn from Cars 2
 a pirate
Batman (of course)

 & the Bat signal

Will was so excited about the new designs and couldn't wait to show his friends and Daddy when we got home!

All of his shoes from last year still fit as we kept the same size of feet on this pair.  Will hasn't grown much in recent years so we the same size of feet looked okay.  Perk for me?  Not needing to buy new shoes right now!
(Which is good because Ellie needed some new ones and AFO shoes are hard to find & expensive!!)

Curious how prosthetics are made?
It takes about 4-6 visits back and forth to the orthopedic hospital in Dallas.  Step 1 involves casting his legs.  Step 2 involves trying out test sockets to check for the fit.  Step 3 is a very long alignment appointment (approx 4 hours!) to check his hip and leg alignment with the new (still unfinished so they can adjust) prosthetics.  Step 4 is the final fitting.

Will's new zancos are actually having some fit problems around one of his knees that I've noticed this week.  We are going back to Dallas Friday to see doctors and hopefully can get the fit corrected.  

2 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Having fit problems over here too. :(
Erika's last legs took 8 months to get right and we still have some slight tweaking to do. Sarah's leg is not working and I fear it is going to be a problem with her leg and not her prosthetic. We see the Dr. on Friday. Oh boy. :)

ywilbur said...

Ugh. We are having fit issues too. But unless I buy high priced hiking boots (which don't work with the Waldorf school he's now in having indoor and outdoor shoes) his shoes deteriorate fast. A shoe like the one Will has on lasts roughly 1 month!

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