Go Will! - T-Ball 2012

Will wanted to play t-ball this fall.
So we let him.
R is his coach - fulfilling a life long dream for him of coaching his kid's little league team.
(Except being coach is hard.  Really hard.  Apparently t-ball can be serious business.)

Despite a really rough start (anxiety around new kids + new kids = lots and lots and lots of endless questions/"you're weird" type of comments/ "you can't play baseball" comments, etc.)  But.
It has gotten better and now he always has a good time.  (although sometimes getting out the door is very hard.)

Will chose to be #32.  In honor of my age.
Love him.

He usually plays two games a week.  Ellie LOVES baseball and daily wakes up asking, "baseball?  I play with Bella?"
Bella is Beau's older sister.  Beau is Will's best friend and now teammate.  Ellie loves Bella.  And Bella sweetly gives her attention.
 Usually about 3/4 of the way through the game, Ellie starts asking, "Mommy?  Go home for bath and night night?"  Repeatedly.  These night time games are tough on a girl. (And her mom and dad and brother.)

 Will has gotten to play lots of positions and even made a couple of catches!
 He's a very deliberate batter and does great.  He hasn't knocked down the tee yet & he pretty much always hits it on his first swing.

Beau has always loved Ellie.  In fact, he recently informed his mother that when he grows up, he is going to marry Ellie. 
Ellie plays hard to get with Beau.  Someday she'll probably kick herself for this.  Beau literally will run off the field to give Ellie love.
(When Beau's not around, Ellie will admit that she is his friend.)
Will on the pitcher's mound
(he looks way too grown up for me here!)

Making silly faces from the dug out

high fives for his fans (aka:  Mommy, Ellie, Lovie, & Cookie)

running as fast as he can to first base (sometimes he keeps on going.  Love this age!)

More attention for Ellie from Beau

 Swing Batter, Batter!
(Will has informed me that I need to yell louder than all the other mommies.  And he has made me practice.  It's not a problem for me.)
Running to HOME!  Go Will!

2 thoughts:

ywilbur said...

I LOVE baseball. Will looks great. I always wanted a son or daughter to play with/cheer and watch in games: I'm from small town and no softball team so I played through pony league and then 'coached' my little brother endlessly at home. I know I was prouder than him that he got a baseball scholarship to college: little brother DIDNT go to college, choosing Army instead! I was heartbroke about my lost dreams of a professional ball player in family (heehee...how things seem so important or doomworthy when young(er).

Alais, neither of my boys took to it. JK just started a soccer team BUT we are not allowed to cheer, btw, because it would distract the kids from coaches,etc... We have to sit so far away from some fields I often can't even see what's going on...so I've read quite a bit of my Nook books later..sigh.

His first love is definately martial arts now as he's just starting to click with the whole system. His is called Counterpoint Tactical System. GO WILL. I still dream of finding my way back into baseball.

Forrest and Elizabeth Williams said...

Precious precious Katie! Still brings tears to my eyes to see him run and be so active--he is such an amazing little guy. Thanks for sharing these for those of us far away. Love ya'll-ejw

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