Wounded Warriors & Will

Several months ago, Will was invited to throw out the first pitch at a FCA Professional Softball players vs Wounded Warriors softball game.
We were so very honored to spend a Saturday at the game.
I think I've become so much more appreciative of our military since having children.  I'm so thankful for their service - so that my husband has not had to go fight.  I'm thankful for their service so that my children have protected rights.  I frequently read articles or come across blogs that feature children with the same or similar diagnoses as my children.  Yet many of these precious children live in countries where they have no rights.  Many of these children are given no options.  They are perceived to have no worth or value.  They are disregarded by their society.  My heart aches for these children.  I can't help but want to reach through the screen and to show others that a disability is not disabling.  It doesn't prevent a high quality of life.  My children, whom would likely be outcasts in other countries, have an incredible quality of life and have so many great opportunities.  I do not take this for granted.  I am so thankful to live somewhere with guaranteed rights for those with diagnoses.  I am thankful to live within reach of excellent medical care and educational opportunities.  I am forever grateful for our military who helps to secure these rights.
Whenever we see someone in public with a Vet hat or in fatigues, we have taught Will that we always thank that person.  As he gets older, it has been so fun recently to watch him in the mall and at a local restaurant as he has initiated going up to the veteran, shaking their hand, and saying, "thank you for fighting for me."  I noticed a man in full fatigues at the mall recently who, after bending down to shake Will's hand, stood up and looked at me with tears in his eyes.  He told me that not too many people thank them anymore.    
So it was an incredible honor for Will to throw out the first pitch at a Wounded Warrior game.

We woke early that day to pouring down rain.  I double checked with our contacts and learned that the game would go on - the military fights regardless of the weather so we would play.
We donned our red, white, and blue & loaded up for the drive.
 The kids were thrilled to watch a movie.
And I enjoyed my library book - a perfect rainy day for a book!

When Will got to the game, he headed out onto the field with R where he met the players.  There were several Olympic gold medalists in attendance!  There were also wounded warriors representing every branch of our military.

 Along with a former Texas Ranger player, Will headed out to the field to throw out a first pitch.  He did great & Meagan (a professional softball player) caught it!  
 This special ops wounded warrior took special care of Will - taking him to their dugout to meet the other guys.

 Will is kind of hidden here but he and his Daddy hung out with the Warriors and did the pledge and national anthem with them.

R told me he kept asking Will if they could go get autographs from the various Texas Rangers on the field.  Will could have cared less about those celebrity players!
He wanted to hang out with the Wounded Warriors.  
Which is exactly as it should be, don't you think?
R said he shook hands and he thanked them.
And they compared their prosthetics. :)

 My sweet boy is hidden here - but you see all those outstretched hands?
They were waiting for their shake from Will.
My mama heart nearly bursts with pride.
 R and I talked about how good things like this are for Will.  He got to hang out with guys in prosthetics and missing various limbs.  He hung out with them while they laughed and played baseball competitively.  This wasn't a hospital setting.  This was real life and he got to see all these cool soldiers wearing their zancos (prosthetics) and choosing to live their lives with joy.  
This was worth every rainy mile we drove!

Cookie & Lovie met us at the game to watch Will pitch.
Ellie & Lovie tried to stay dry and played silly games.

 Will and Cookie watched the game and enjoyed yummy baseball food.

On the way to Fort Worth, Will made up several cheers for the Wounded Warriors.
Then, he stood in the pouring rain and cheered his little heart out.  Precious.

Ellie "smiling" for the camera 

Hanging out by the dugout and yelling as hard as he could...

 and getting lots of fist bumps and high fives from the players

 Will apparently had some serious questions for the commander.
They also gave him an autographed ball!  Pretty awesome!
 Our family - 
so happy to be honored.
(Except Ellie - it was naptime and she was tired.  Deep down she was happy.)
Thanks to Meagan D for asking Will to be a part of this event!
And a huge thanks to the Wounded Warriors - for serving our country so faithfully

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