Catching Up

My boys practicing their Kung Fu!
As a reward for earning a yellow belt in Kung Fu, we surprised Will with tickets for he and Daddy to attend the Kung Fu Shaolin Warriors show.  They said it was awesome!
Will was so excited because they did some moves he knows!
It was a really late night for a five year old but they had a blast.
 Ellie has always had a lot of funny expressions.  Here's a recent sampling:

Funny Face
 Sweet Face

 Mad Face, part 1
Very Mad Face (sorry - picture looks creepy)

 Happy Face!
Happy Face Again!

Man!  This child cracks us up all the time!

Uncle Adam came to town recently with his band, Mosey West, out of Fort Collins, CO.  They were wrapping up a tour and we had so much fun hanging out with him and his band.

R & I got babysitters (thanks to a friend who hooked us up!  We couldn't find any babysitters as all of our regulars were busy.  So a friend, who already had sitters for the night, sent her sitters here and she found another sitter!  Thanks Brandy & Mike!)
And then we headed out to see Mosey West!

(You can find Mosey West on itunes - very talented band winning lots of contests all over the Midwest!)

Ellie is practicing her walking all the time.  She also loves going up and down stairs.

In kindergarten, there is homework.  Will has homework Monday - Thursday.  Ellie demands "homework" too and, thanks to speech therapy, I actually have real homework for her to practice too! 

More walking practice for Ellie!
She is up to 4 really steady steps.

Will & Ellie love Ruby.
But Ellie has always been very affectionate with Ruby - lots of kisses and hugs for ole Ruby girl

 Ellie has also always had a thing for statues.
We don't know why but whenever we see a statue, she will make her way to it and kind of put her arm around it or her head on it and just sit contentedly beside the statue.  Perhaps I should get her one for Christmas?
She's a very affectionate, tender hearted child.  Especially for stone figures.
Last swim of the season, I think!
Will braved the cold water to do one last lap!

Will and Coach Brandon after earning his yellow kung fu belt!  We are so proud of him!

The baseball season is over!
Perhaps no one is as happy as I am!!  
Will did great and finished strong.  He really ended up having fun and making a few friends.
Another coach from another team called R this week and asked some questions about Will.  He had noticed his hand differences at one of the last games.  (I don't think very many people outside our team ever even realized he was in bilateral lower prosthetics since his legs were covered by pants and socks.)
The coach was really kind and told R how amazing it was to see Will play with such determination and so well.
Will has no idea how he inspires people - often by doing ordinary things.  His courage to conquer the ordinary inspires R & I daily.

I've been trying to do more arts and crafts.  Ellie loves art.

Out to dinner with Mimi one Saturday night

Whew!  I'm almost caught up!

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